Gritsanaphon & Pattraporn Wannavithyapa


Gritsanaphon & Pattraporn Wannavithyapa

Circle of Excellence III
2 year Team Elite Platinum
15 year Presidential Director


"Today is a good day To go out to help people to improve lives"

“If people ask me whether I want anything more, I will definitely say no. And if they keep asking that why I still need to work since I earn a lot these days, I will answer them that what I am doing today is not for myself but others.”

The most important fact which leads me to MDC.

If we start questioning correctly, we will receive a right answer as well. However, most of people do it wrongly. For me, I started to question myself from a dream I had. Dreams for me are count as my own map to a treasure, If we know that the treasure is real, we will start seeing for a chance to get it, which I call it “goal setting”

Setting goal is like finding a way, the way that take us to those treasures we dreamed of. Surely, along the way, there are always barriers and failures, but there is also a thing that make you overcome all the barriers and failure, it is your “believe”.

The belief that treasures are real and they are only for you. Belief is the most important thing in this business, it takes you to the goal and it will change every single thing such as you and people around you. Belief will take you to actions as well as obsession of doing something. More important than one another, we are changed by the environment around us, and then being with people who have the same dream and goal is also important to you. There are many times that your dreams got stolen; from your best friend, colleagues or the people you love. They just do not understand our business we do. They are just afraid of you failing. I bet everyone encounter this situation and I would say that these situations are important to us, it proves whether you can be in this kind of business or not.

Consequently, the heart in this business is being leader. Leadership is a must in this world because if you cannot even lead yourself, how come you will be able to lead others. Nu Ski teaches us to be a real leader and leaders doesn’t mean that we can do everything. True leaders are only about the spirit. For me, I can say that I use my heart to lead team because the business has nothing about boss, controller and under controller. Nobody likes to follow other’s command, so what must we do to get involve with others sounds more important. The answers of this question are trying to understand other as well as respect and admire one another.

Lastly, what you have to do is to go back and question yourself whether you question your life correctly or not. I believe that you all must have a good answer in your mind, if you read my message. I can say that after that, your life is about your journey. One last thing I will advise you, it is about how you handle with problems. I can tell you that I normally use the “power of 5 positive strategies”; it is think positively, speak positively , take positive actions, share positive things to others and receive positive things back.