Daniel & Tracy Liu



Circle of Excellence I
6 years Presidential Director


"Just do it and never never give up. "


Before Nu Skin business we were a famous supplier for Wal-Mart in USA. We had lot orders to be manufactured 24 hours a day. As a business owner we could get huge profit and we also could lose quite lots of money dependent on world economic cycle.

We also invested our time and heath into business. As time went by, money was not the most value in our life. We need to find a total solution for our life to get Heath and time freedom too.


Nu Skin is the best way to get rid of business risk and it is the best way to get a good life style that we can make money but keep body health and time freedom.


Nu Skin totally changed my value from win-lose thinking way to win-win situation.


From Nu Skin's force for good culture, we can donate our income to help children recovering from heart disease and help children prevent from hunger. Especially in 2011 flood in Thailand we supported people with our meal. I was so proud to be a part of Nu Skin.


Of course Daniel and me are the normal people. Our habit is to see movies. Because of Nu Skin business, we can see movies at the day time at week day so we do not have to meet crowded people at the weekend period.


Finally I must thanks Nu Skin to give me a wellness life style to have money, health, happiness.


We are sure to help more people to lift up their life standard.