Chayasorn & Thanakrit Somkiatkul



Circle of Excellence I
1 year Presidential Director


"The obstacle of success is 'Excuse'"

Chayasorn: I did many businesses because my family was a business owner. However, running business is like two side sword as I have faced with both goodness and badness. Then the worst thing I encountered was the TomYumKung crisis- 20 years ago. At that time everything was collapsed, Most of business in Thailand had to close down, even the large bank and organizations. At that time, one person that I knew since I was studied in UK, she was working as a high level management in financial organizations and she invited me to know Nu Skin. Actually I didn’t like this kind of business because I didn’t like to talk to others and I also don’t like to sell things directly as well. Nevertheless, after I listened to all the business plans and learned more about the company, I knew that there is the greatest opportunity.

I decided to join Nu Skin. Lastly, I have to say that I was so lucky that I made a decision at that time and it’s always my pride.

Thanakrit: I had been just an ordinary man since I was a student. I didn’t have many friends and didn’t talk much. After graduated, I was looking for jobs and I was shocked as I earned 8500 baht a month after I had spent several years on studying. I, then decided not to accept this job because I thought that if I have to do something, the payment must be worth doing for. When I was thinking of doing something else, my mother told me that our family had millions of debt, so I thought of doing another business in order to get money and help my family. I knew that my mother was doing Nu Skin, so I decided to try because of Galvanic Spa opportunity and I did it. After that I learned more about Nu Skin, and I was sure that Nu Skin business opportunity is what I want to choose.

From the first day that I decided to join Nu Skin until now. I must tell you all that everything in my life is 100% from Nu Skin. I have freedom that I can design my own life. I can also develop myself in term of leadership skill and what I am proud of myself the most is that I can see smile back to my family.

If you are wondering whether you want to join Nu Skin or not, I would recommend you not to think anymore, but try taking action. If you fail in this business, there will be nothing change, but if you are success, your life will be changed forever.