Anapat & Panaras Sethasitkul


Anapat & Panaras Sethasitkul

Circle of Excellence I
11 years Presidential Director


"A leader is a dealer of HOPE"


Today's success says we have come to the right way. We have a map in hand that everyone can definitely do and copy. The Nu Skin business is not limited to a group of people. You just stand up to learn, practice and do things that you have never done for the results that you never had. And finally, you help other people be able to have like you is the heart of this business


Beside doing business, we have more new friends who come from different types of business, different ages and different experiences. Every day we can develop EQ (Emotional Quotient), while using very good products.


Our suggestion for newbies who start Nu Skin; just understand and see the value of this business. This business has its own nature for you to learn and accept. Give it your best try. Sooner or later, you will be satisfied with the results specially you have dedication in this Business.


"NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE". Everybody can be successful in Nu Skin.