Circle of Excellence I
1 year Presidential Director


"Life is so short, Enjoy your life so after we won’t regret"

The first one who I’d like to thanks for open business opportunity is Khun Nipun Keatvayuth, if he didn’t invited me to join Nu Skin, I couldn’t imagine that my life and my family will be? How to gain constant income

Like this? How much I could remunerate my mother like I would or not?

Also thanks to both Khun Sahatad Nutithawat and Dr.Chaunchom Muanprasitporn who always stand by my side. There’re no ways to success without obstacles but we already pass it because we didn’t stand alone. I’d say thanks again to all my team members and all levels of Up-line. Because all the way to success need coaching, Thanks for being a coach, being a role-model in my journey of success.

There’re no birds in the sky without the wind to support, There’re no one succeed without supporters, I’d like to thanks all my friends to make me feel so lucky that always support and inspire me all the way long. Because without you, I couldn’t imagine that what I’ll be here today without them.

The most important things are the contribution of all members in my team with trustworthy and determination in me for buildup business together, In our team we totally got 3 members of million baht circle which all the things we’ve done is not only to strive six or seven figures amount of income but we’re doing to achieve much more than that. I promise I’ll spend all abilities to help another hundreds of members to strive million baht circle for sure!

Nu Skin is amazing business and also being organization maximize. After I completed first 10 million baht, I spend another 3 years to strive 20 million baht but I spend only 2 years to strive 40 million baht. So it shows that the more you experienced in Nu Skin every 10 million baht will shorter the time. I’m ready for pass forward the way of success to everyone and like usual, welcome to our team and change our life together.