Health And Beauty Articles

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Health and Beauty articles

Read up on interesting articles and on Pharmanex and Nu Skin products. Discover tips for healthy eating during Chinese New Year, what to do during the fasting month when you are on ageLOC TR90 System, and many other interesting articles. Download them here!
* 6S Quality Process
Selection, Sourcing, Specification, Standardisation, Safety, Substatiation. The key to consistent quality, efficacy, and safety of our products. (16/01)
* Best Of Nu Skin (Top 5)
Discover the beauty must-haves for clear, glowing and youthful looking skin every day! (17/07)
* Best Of Pharmanex (Top 5)
Optimise your health after a successful ageLOC TR90 journey! Find out how you can protect your body during and after your ageLOC TR90 Programme to maintain your health and youthfulness. (17/07)
* Pharmanex Supplements Guide (2017)
Use this guide to discover unique Pharmanex products specific to your individual needs. (17/07)
* Nu Skin (Personal Care) Guide (2016)
Use this guide to discover unique Nu Skin personal care products specific to your individual needs. (16/09)
* Nu Skin (Personal Care) Guide (2016) 如新护肤品指南 中文
Use this guide to discover unique Pharmanex products specific to your individual needs.
* Your Guide To A Healthy Lo Hei This Lunar New Year
It's tradition to Lo Hei during Lunar New Year for a prosperous year ahead. What better way to kick start your year with a Lo Hei using healthier (and TR90 friendly) ingredients? (17/02)
* Walk Off Your Calories During This Chinese New Year (TR90)
How many minutes do you need to walk if you eat a slice of bak kwa? (16/02)
* Stay Healthy This Ramadan
Practise mindful eating this Ramadhan to adopt healthier, nutritious diets and stop bad habits that negatively affect your health. And discover how to follow the ageLOC TR90 3-3-3-3 Eating Plan during this fasting month. (17/05)
* Food Selection Guide (for ageLOC TR90)
Select the right food is just as important as eating the right portion size. Use the colour code from traffic light rules to select healthier choices. (16/08)
* 3 Steps To Healthy Grocery Shopping (for ageLOC TR90)
Use this supermarket map to shop smarter, and avoid the common traps when grocery shopping! (16/05)
* ageLOC TR90 Shopping List (for ageLOC TR90)
Bring this shopping list with you in your next trip to the grocers. (16/05)
* 15 Best Non-meat Protein Sources (for ageLOC TR90) 15最佳非肉类蛋白质
Ensure your non-meat protein intake with these foods. (16/08)
* TR90 Buzzfeed
Health begins with your weight. What is the current statistics show? (17/06)
* Anti Aging Science Compendium
The science and references for Nu Skin's anti-aging science. (12/01)
* The Genetics of Youth Compendium
The science and data behind anti-aging and gene expression. (12/01)
* Nu Skin - Nutricentials Face Care System brochure 荟萃善秀脸部保养系列
Nutrition from the outside in 营养护肤 由外开始 (16/05)
* Nu Skin - Tri-Phasic White System brochure 如新滢白三效保养系列
The scientific method for brilliant skin 以科研创造自然美白 (16/05)
* Nu Skin - 180° Anti-Aging Skin Therapy System brochure (180° 焕彩再生系列)
The cell renewal specialist 细胞焕彩修护专家 (16/05)
* Nu Skin - Clear Action System 如新净肤抗痘系列 brochure
Clearing beyong the breakouts 肌肤洁净无暇 (16/05)