Vince Seah & Eileen Zhang

Vince Seah &
Eileen Zhang

Team Elite 2 Years

"You are what you think - think positively to live a better life, for negative thoughts lead a life of unfulfilled potential."

Vince Seah & Eileen Zhang

It is said that “Your attitude determines your altitude.” Nothing determines attitude like a great, positive mindset. Vince Seah and Eileen Zhang are examples of how a shift in mindset has brought forth the most rewarding times in their career.


“We are what we think. Thoughts create reality so be careful of what you think!” cautioned the couple. “Negative thoughts affect the subconscious mind, which will convert itself into your daily actions, consequently bringing undesirable situations. Take action if you truly want to improve your mindset. If there are people, places, or things that create negative energy in your life, REMOVE them. Talk to people that cause you conflict, re-arrange your environment, and CHOOSE to surround yourself with positive people.”


Having been employed for about 10 years as a Project Manager in an electrical contractor firm, Vince decided to set up his own electrical business while Eileen continued to be a Quality Controller in an optical firm. While starting up his business in 2001, the couple was introduced to Nu Skin Enterprises. They started on a part-time basis, eventually taking on the business full-time two years later, venturing into China, Indonesia and Malaysia.


Throughout the years of exposure and training received in the course of expanding their Nu Skin Enterprises business network, the couple finds that their mindset and attitude have changed significantly. “We have become better people in terms of communication skills, human relations and leadership skills, and better spouses and parents. This has benefited our entire network and family. Our lives are very meaningful now, with a clear vision of our future, and a clear direction to achieve our dreams and goals which we never had in our previous lives as employees.”


Their advise to aspiring Nu Skin Enterprises entrepreneurs is, “Be coachable, have a back-to-zero attitude. Drain off all your previous working or business experiences. It's a different ball game. And it helps to put your focus on positive people when facing challenges.”


“For what we've achieved so far and for the greater things to come, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the company for its global business platform and innovative products. We want to thank all our uplines for their unwavering support and inspiration, our sidelines for their intense collaboration, and not forgetting our downlines for their trust and support of us and this business.”


Moving forward, this new pair of Team Elite aims to take their team to greater heights by helping as many people achieve a positive outlook for a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.