Sam Wang

Sam Wang

Team Elite 2 Years

“If I can do it, you can do it too.”

Sam Wang

For many, the first job is often treated as a springboard to gain experience and build up professional credence before moving up the corporate ladder. Apart from having zero work experience, add on the challenges of being socially reclusive and a 2-year ‘absence’ from the job market to serve National Service, the road to achieving early career successes is stacked full with stumbling blocks. Getting a job, any job, would have been considered a godsend; and achieving mammoth success is but a dream… But not for Sam.


Having joined the Nu Skin opportunity four years ago, Sam is today recognized as one of Singapore’s Team Elite for the second consecutive year. And he’s only 25 years old. “When I joined Nu Skin, many people thought I would not last. Being a quiet person, I don’t have a wide network of friends and being young, my peers do not have the spending power. I was 21 when I started the business and my age worked against me too,” Sam recounted. But today, the outspoken young man is earning a paycheck double that of most people double his age.


“This business is really very simple. I’m a perfect example of how easy it really is. All it requires is for one to believe in the business, products, and most importantly, oneself. Many people are afraid to join the business because we are afraid that others want to get something out of us. We are afraid to ‘lose’ and so we forgo our gains.” Sam shared his observation of the reservations people usually have about joining the Multi-Level Marketing industry.


According to Sam, two things are very important to overcome the fear of losing and sustaining in this business. “The first is to think about who are you doing this business for. When we live for ourselves, sometimes we give up. But when we are motivated by our loved ones, we will find the strength to persist. Secondly, we must always be grateful to all who has helped us. Being thankful is not about gift-giving, but an attitude. Good always comes to those who are appreciative.”


For all his achievements to date, Sam would like to thank the following uplines for the help and support he had received – Team Elite 2 years, Jonathan Chong and Evelyn Lai; 1 Million Dollar Circle Members and Team Elite Members SG Lim and Jasmine Hew; Team Elite 2 years, Joe Ong and Adeline Ng; Team Elite 1 year Dr Tan Kia King and Carine Ong, and Blue Diamond Jordan Wang and Chloe Soo. He would also like to express his gratitude to his downlines and aims to become a Million Dollar Circle Member by the age of 28 and help all his business partners achieve their goals!