Raymond Chia & Wendy Kea

Raymond Chia &
Wendy Kea

Team Elite 3 Years

“When there is a will, there is a way.”            —Raymond

“There is no trying. There is only doing or not doing.” — Wendy Kea

Raymond Chia & Wendy Kea

It was almost close to midnight on a Wednesday night when the phone interview was conducted with Raymond Chia and Wendy for this success story. The couple had just finished a meeting with one of their downline’s prospective business partner. With their hardworking nature, it is no coincidence that this husband-and-wife team has qualified as Team Elite members for the third year. But for them, it is just a matter of sticking to their habit for success. And this habit is getting easier with each successive qualification as one of the elite at Nu Skin Enterprises Singapore.


“Compared to the first time we tried for Team Elite, this time round, it felt easier. Firstly, it is because we have grown as leaders throughout this time, we now know how to take things more casually and not hold everything to heart. We used to get frustrated and immensely disappointed when we were rejected, or if our downlines didn’t cooperate with us. Now, we’ve learnt to do our best and not try to change people. Instead, we change ourselves so that we can work with them,” said Raymond in a sprightly tone although it was already past midnight.


The other key contributing success factor can be put down to having established business habits. Raymond and Wendy believe they have cultivated a habit of success. With it comes momentum and that helps to make their goals clearer too as they are able to approach it. But the dynamic leaders stressed alignment in goal attainment. “The essence of this business is leverage. If you’re not aligned with your team, you won’t be able to unlock the true power of this business. In this current grim economic climate, our business is not just recession-proof, it is actually a recession-boom business because people are looking for alternative income.”


Good times or bad times, Raymond and Wendy are very thankful for their team. “We would like to thank both our uplines – 10 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 10 Years, Rayne Ho and Angela Liew for growing our ambition and making us take on bigger dreams, and 1 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 1 Year, Ong Gee, for supporting us throughout even though they are all very busy themselves; our sidelines for their collaborations and encouragement; and last but not least, our deepest appreciation to our downlines who have been so hardworking. 2009 will be a good year to be in the Nu Skin business!”