Jordan Wang & Chloe Soo

Jordan Wang & Chloe Soo

Team Elite 1 Year

“Success is not predestined but the result of immense desire and acute determinaiton.” --Chloe Soo
“Team Elite is not about being the Team’s Elite; it is transforming the Team into Elites!.” -- Jordan Wang

Jordan Wang & Chloe Soo

In life, there are many crossroads and one of the biggest dilemmas would be the choice of career path to take. Some paths may lead you nowhere after years of toiling, some may get you to your destination after many turns and detours, and occasionally, a rare path off the beaten track presents itself that could lead to not just a lifelong career, but a fulfilling life. When faced with the unconventional, it takes guts to embark on a road less travelled.


Jordan and Chloe took the fresher route a couple of years ago. Today, they are recognized as Nu Skin Enterprises Singapore’s newest Team Elite members, who at 28 and 25 years old respectively, had achieved a level of financial and time freedom many twice their age are still searching for. Not many people in their twenties from middle income families can afford to buy a brand new BMW or take their parents on long vacations, but the young couple afforded these luxuries through their Nu Skin business.


High-achievers academically, they were piqued for promising careers but Jordan gave up his prestigious scholarship and deferred his direct honours programme in Mechanical Engineering with the National University of Singapore, while Chloe gave up the security of a job in the field of physiotherapist to join Nu Skin. Then fresh out of school, the couple had neither capital, network, nor work experience. Let alone the know-how to develop a profitable business.


“We faced a lot of opposing forces in the beginning. But the beauty of this business is that we can tap into the experience of our uplines and greatly leverage on the power of teamwork. As you can see, we have nothing to start with. The wonderful thing about the Nu Skin business is that we don’t have to do it alone,” Jordan shared.


The couple is profoundly grateful to their parents for their insurmountable support and would like to specially thank the following uplines for believing in them more than they believed in themselves initially – Team Elite members, Dr Tan and Carine; Team Elite members, Adeline and Joe; Team Elite members, Jonathan and Evelyn; Million Dollar Circle and Team Elite Members, Jasmine and SG Lim. Jordan and Chloe are also very thankful for the trust their downlines have given them and their hard work.


Moving forward, the husband-and-wife team aims to make this less travelled road into a definite highway to help more people experience what the couple is enjoying now, to help them achieve their dreams and impact humanity in a positive way!