Jackie & James Chia

Jackie & James Chia

Team Elite 3 years

“So many people are enjoying great lives because of what we are doing!” - Jackie & James Chia

Jackie & James Chia

“When we joined Nu Skin in 2001, we never expected 10 years to pass so fast and with so much fun.  We never imagined we would grow so much as leaders; and never thought we could say with pride ‘We own a global business distributing anti-aging products for the number one anti-aging company in the world.’”


It was easy to start the Nu Skin business – more a question of “Why not?” Like going on a first date where the only thought is of possibilities. But as time passes, the partner is examined more closely: will he be a good husband, a good father, a good son-in-law; can he be trusted, is he fun, can he support my lifestyle?


“We have substantial financial needs: three children in university – two are overseas – and ourselves with 40-50 years of retirement ahead. So we, too, have been examining this partner, Nu Skin very carefully over the last 10 years. We see a precious asset with low risk and very high reward. With that solid belief, Nu Skin is all we want to do. “


So much has been said about having time freedom. For many it’s a faraway dream somewhere in a time called Retirement. Thanks to the Nu Skin business James and Jackie were able to experience the value of a business that promises a stream of passive income with an effort that allows them to have time freedom NOW, when loved ones cannot wait.


Both of them spent as much time as they liked with their three children through their active teenage years, the crucial time for parents to bond with soon-to-be-adult children. James spent every Friday afternoon on outings with his father for the three years before his father passed away suddenly in 2010 at age 85. Because of Nu Skin, they have no regrets.


Jackie has gone back to school and is currently doing a diploma in Christian Ministry. Both of them have the time to exercise from 1 to 3 hours daily as an investment into their future health.


“This leadership business causes us to grow by learning, being willing to change, taking risks, and caring for others. We are more effective in contributing to the community as leaders who are vibrant and alive. As parents, we become effective role models to children who will grow up in a world of great uncertainty and change. We have great joy as we see families grow as they are involved in the work and fun aspects of Nu Skin. And these leadership qualities multiply into the community.”


Moving forward, their mission for their global business is to build a community of committed, caring and courageous leaders so as to bless the lives of people with products and purpose that promise youthfulness. “We are grateful that so many people enjoy helping others and so many more are enjoying great lives because of what we are doing with Nu Skin.”