Eddie & Connie Chong

Eddie & Connie Chong

Team Elite 6 Years

“Believe in yourself and don’t ever quit!”


Eddie & Connie Chong

If you don’t get it the first time round, give it a second try. With the Nu Skin business opportunity, the door is always open to anyone who might be ready at any time. For Eddie and Connie, the opportunity came knocking in the 1990s when the couple was introduced to Nu Skin’s products. However, after using them, Connie was unimpressed. “I tried the products and didn’t feel there was anything spectacular.” A veteran beautician who runs her own facial salon, Connie was naturally critical of skincare products and even more skeptical with out-of-this-world claims on efficacies. Then came her turning point.


“After my pregnancy in my mid-30s, I developed very severe skin problems. No matter what I did to my skin, nothing works and it got so bad, I lost all confidence in being a beautician. Which customer would trust someone who can’t even treat her own skin?” Connie shared. Almost at the brink of desperation, she decided to try Nu Skin products again. Needless to say, the power of the products to restore her skin’s health changed her mind.


Today, Connie shares the products with aplomb and never pushes for a sale. “I hold home parties to share about the products and after that, I just let my prospects decide on their own. Most of them are already spending a lot of money on other skincare brands and my pitch to them is to consider replacing with Nu Skin once they’ve finished their existing lotions and creams,” Connie disclosed about her preference for a non hard-sell approach. And once her customers switched over to Nu Skin, they usually stay.


This route to selling has proven very successful for the husband-and-wife team for they have consistently qualified as Team Elite members. This is their sixth qualification for the coveted title since joining the company in 2000. ‘All of the good, none of the bad’. This simple philosophy which Nu Skin was founded on has always been at the core when we share about Nu Skin’s products and business opportunity,” Eddie added.


But to succeed takes another element – perseverance. “In every business, there’s bound to be ups and downs. We have to take one step at a time and keep going. If we give up, we’ll never reach where we want to arrive at. This saying is not new, but it’s definitely true, especially in a business like Nu Skin. We’ve experienced it.” Eddie and Connie have definitely showed by example how good products mixed with persistence would create a potent formula for success! They would like to thank all their business partners for being with them every step of the way.