Chua Chin Khee

Chua Chin Khee

Team Elite 1 Year

“First and foremost, know what you really want... and have a plan to achieve it!”

Chua Chin Khee

“Freedom is not free! That's why we often hear the phrase, ‘fight for your freedom’. And I really, really want more freedom in my life... and I can only be sure that I can have extraordinary freedom through being successful in the Nu Skin business,” shared Chua Chin Khee, Nu Skin Enterprises Singapore’s newest Team Elite Member.


And the leader knows best for he has had several and occupations - 7 years with the Singapore Air force as a Logistic Officer, 3 years as a Real Estate Agent and Insurance Agent concurrently, and 1 year as a Stock-broking Agent. “I thought they could be a solution to fulfilling my dream but I’m really just selling my time for money. If you are honest to yourself and objectively compare all these industries, you’ll find that the Nu Skin model is unbelievingly, the most attractive in all aspects!! One of my dreams is to travel round the world. With Nu Skin, I can have my dream come true!”


In retrospect of his efforts to qualify as a Team Elite 1 Year, Chin Khee felt that his success stemmed from his entrepreneurial spirit. “The path of success is always full of challenges. Know this, accept it and be willing to go through it. The attitude of developing the willingness to go through challenges is vital.” In addition, the willingness to work hard is equally important. One has to be vigilant in continual self-improvement and form positive habits that reinforce one’s character. “Logically anyone can tell you the formula to achieve success, and one of the example s would be to stay positive. But most people don’t usually practise what they know.  Many have the habit of engaging in negative self-talk and finding excuses. They don’t realise that success is a habit. And so is failure.”


His advice for aspiring Nu Skin business builders is to “keep improving yourself, knowing new people, using and sharing the products, sharing the business, reviewing your methods… People get motivated when you help them realise their reason and purpose for doing something. Therefore the best way to keep a person or team motivated is to keep reminding them about their ‘whys’ in the Nu Skin business.” To have sustainability in this opportunity, one must know the thing that will make them jump out of bed everyday feeling excited!


For his achievements in Nu Skin, Chin Khee “would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have helped me in one way or another to arrive at who I am today. There are no simple words to express my thanks….. I just want to say… I'm VERY grateful to all of you!!”