Carine Ong & Dr Tan Kia King

Carine Ong &
Dr Tan Kia King

Team Elite 1 Year

"Daring to dream puts you onto the road to success!"

Carine Ong & Dr Tan Kia King

Sweet dreams are made up of lotions and potions. In a business where no dream is too big, all it takes is perseverance to make each dream comes to life... through the Nu Skin Enterprises business opportunity. For Team Elite Member 1 Year, Dr Tan Kia King and Carine Ong, they have finally realized their dream for time freedom.

Dr Tan and Carine Ong were introduced to the Nu Skin Enterprises opportunity about three years ago and the potential to achieve time freedom attracted them right away. Dr Tan was then the Medical Director of a hospital while Carine was a Manager in the same facility. “While we had well-paying jobs, we hardly had time and there was no end to our responsibilities. As we were newly-weds then, we wanted more time to start a family,” Dr Tan disclosed.

However, as the husband-and-wife team delved deeper into the business of Nu Skin Enterprises, they realized that they were getting more than they were asking for. “Initially, we saw it as just a business model of wealth creation. But as we built our business over the years, we felt very satisfied helping others to succeed as we journey on our path of attaining success.”

“Our perspective of life had also changed. Living is not just about working, but to enjoy life, make new friends, and help each other along the way. Never did we imagine that we could actually work for fun!”

Lest one misunderstands that taking on the Nu Skin Enterprises opportunity is an amusement park ride, Dr Tan cautioned that it takes great endurance and perseverance to stay in the business. “Just as in all businesses, there're ups and downs. When it is down, you have to fix your eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel and find a way out of the maze. It takes great courage to make the first move. After that, you need commitment to stay on course and never lose sight of what you want to achieve.”

“But the beauty of this business is that you don't need to do it alone. We were once new to the business and had no experience in the direct selling industry. Thankfully, there're always uplines to guide us. It is a culture that had been built in the company, and that is what kept many of us motivated in the business. We encourage each other to move forward.”

In moving forward, this newly crowned Team Elite Member plans to continue what motivated them to become leaders in the first place and that is to help more people to be as successful as they have dreamt to be.

Having received much support from their uplines and business partners, Dr Tan and Carine would like to thank and credit them for all the success that the couple has achieved. They would especially like to thank their uplines, 1 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 2 Years, S.G. Lim & Jasmine Hew ; Team Elite 1 Year Jonathan Chong & Evelyn Lai; and Team Elite 2 Years, Adeline Ng & Joe Ong , for the opportunity provided and their guidance.