Apsis Global Network

Susan Tan,
Nelson Sng
& Lena Teh

Team Elite 1 Year

“Seize opportunities and take action. Be patient and persistent. When the time is right, you will harvest the rewards.”

Susan Tan, Nelson Sng & Lena Teh

Motivated by the desire to lead a wonderful and carefree life with more time for their families, new Team Elite members, Susan Tan, Nelson Sng and Lena Teh are reaching closer to their goal. Having gained the experience that qualified them as one of Nu Skin’s elite leaders, the trio is eager to share this experience with their friends and downlines so that they can also attain success through this business as soon as possible.


For them, “Becoming Blue Diamond is like climbing a mountain with the intention to lead others to the top. Becoming Team Elite is like going that extra mile to the top of the mountain to allow others to see the world and experience what a wonderful life this is. In our journal to Team Elite, we have learned how to guide the team better and also help out downlines build a sustainable network.”


Establishing long lasting relationships filled with respect, love and care are the key ingredients to building a strong network. “Nu Skin is a life-long business and it is people-oriented. Always put others first, do things from the heart and also be the first to give. On the business front, you have to do things with objectivity and precision. At the same time, lead people towards a clearly defined goal and work towards it with unwavering passion. We are blessed with great downlines. Many of them are more capable than us. They make our journey in Nu Skin an enjoyable one.”


Apart from that, it is to have that indomitable spirit – “Don’t think too much. Just do it. Be true to yourself by honoring what you have planned to do and instill urgency in accomplishing all the tasks that you set out to do. Last but not least, always conduct the business with honesty and integrity. This is the philosophy we hold dearly.”


For all that they’ve achieved, Susan, Nelson and Lena would like to thank their uplines – 5 Million Dollar Circle Member and Team Elite 8 Years, Vera Waters and Benny Chung, 5 Million Dollar Circle Member and Team Elite 7 Years, Jacqueline Chang, 1 Million Dollar Circle Member and Team Elite 7 Years, Lily Lo and Spencer Choy, and Team Elite 1 Year, Mindy Ngan and Raymond Wong. “We would also like to thank our downlines and sidelines for believing us and staying with us to create a beautiful working environment for all. Thank you! Let us work together to realize our goals in life. See you at the top.”