Adeline Ng & Joe Ong

Adeline Ng & Joe Ong

Team Elite 2 Years

"Believe, take action and you will succeed"

Adeline Ng & Joe Ong

The Hong Kong Convention convinced Adeline Ng and Joe Ong that they had a brighter future with Nu Skin Enterprises. And as soon as they returned from the convention, the couple set their sights on achieving Team Elite.


The couple has since successfully achieved their goal, not once but twice as they celebrate their outstanding achievement as Team Elite 2 Years. Their determination to succeed not only sets a good example for their downlines to strive even harder, but also motivates them to reach for higher goals such as Blue Diamond and Team Elite.


Adeline and Joe are leaders who value upline guidance. "Uplines are the best teachers because they have the business experience. So it's important to be able to not only absorb what they have to teach us, but also coordinate their guidance with a 100% belief and channel it down for the benefit of the entire team."


Organizations have problems every day for which they do in fact have the know-how to solve. But there are a whole host of new problems for which there are no ready-made answers. "While we do refer to our uplines for guidance, there are times new challenges require us to find new ways of doing things if we are to thrive in this business," shared the couple who remain positive when dealing with difficult situations.


The couple's motivation to do better each day is spurred on by the opportunity they now have to build a better life for their family through the Nu Skin Enterprises opportunity. "This business allows us the flexibility of taking care of both family and business. It's wonderful to be in a company where people care and want to make a difference!"


Adeline and Joe would like to thank their uplines, 1 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 2 Years, S.G Lim & Jasmine Hew, and Team Elite 2 Years, Jonathan Chong & Evelyn Lai, for their dedication and support. They would also like to thank uplines from overseas markets who have been instrumental in their success today.