Teresa Tan & Michael San

Teresa Tan &
Michael San

1 Million Dollar Circle Member &                       Team Elite 5 Years

"Never worry about numbers. Help ONE person at a time, and always start with the person NEAREST to you." - Michael San
"None of the secrets of success will work unless YOU DO IT!" - Teresa Tan

Teresa Tan & Michael San

Just as a paratrooper leaping off an airplane must believe that the parachute will open, so must one's belief be concrete before being able to achieve life's goals. For Michael and Teresa, having their entrepreneurial faith grounded in Nu Skin Enterprises has seen them qualify as Team Elite members for the fourth year running, and earned them recognition as 1 Million Dollar Circle Member. This husband-and-wife team has continued to succeed simply by continuing to believe.


Michael and Teresa were marketing and business development professionals before joining the Nu Skin Enterprises business. Today, through the business, they have achieved their dream of a meaningful and impactful life. “Without belief, it is not possible to commit and persist. Understanding and having confidence in Nu Skin Enterprises' business culture and management assures us and the people we bring into the network that this partnership with the company is a worthwhile investment. This gives us the courage to take that leap and persevere in this business,” disclosed the leaders.


The couple added, “What started out as a means of merely supplementing our income has now become our lifestyle; one that provides a greater freedom of choice and the access to people we care about, and being able to make a difference in their lives even if in a small way.”


Trustworthy and firm advocates of leading by example, Michael and Teresa continue to focus on people as they make their way ahead in the business. “Network marketing is a people business. You must love communicating and engaging with people constantly. Be prepared to keep learning and growing yourself, but you must have enough passion to grow others as well. In short, grow yourself, grow relations, and grow people,” shared this couple. Michael and Teresa take it as their responsibility to constantly develop leaders within their network, and share with more people how they can use Nu Skin Enterprises as a platform to achieve their goals. In the process, they hope to impact the lives of others in a positive manner to become that Force for Good, which is central to their operating philosophy.


With more than six years' experience, this couple, who are also Nourish the Children™ Chief Ambassadors, feels that people who make it in the Nu Skin Enterprises business are people with integrity, honesty, diligence, are friendly, and have the desire to help improve the lives of people around them. However, Michael and Teresa have this advice, “Don't try to change the world at once. Help one person at a time. Remember, as one person you cannot change the world, but you can change the world of one person! Yet, before all these can happen, one must first be convinced that one can change oneself. And what better way to stay committed to change than believing in a company that revolutionizes the way people live? Thank you, Nu Skin Enterprises!”