Selenium Chai & Neo Poh Lin

Selenium Chai &
Neo Poh Lin

1 Million Dollar Circle Member &                    Team Elite 3 years

“Do unto others what you want others do unto you."

Selenium Chai & Neo Poh Lin

Their success quote parallels a simple yet true-to-life philosophy…the way you treat something, it will treat you back the same way. In other words, you reap what you sow. From the moment Selenium and Poh Lin embarked on the Nu Skin business 7 years ago, they gave nothing but their best and sheer hard work. And to this day, this pair of Million Dollar Circle Members are still harvesting their results and qualifying as coveted Team Elite members for the third consecutive year.

 “Be prepared to work really hard!” the leaders quipped. “And be a really good person with a big mind and big heart. People respond to the way you behave towards them.” Putting the walk in their talk, Selenium and Poh Lin are firm believers of leading by example. For aspiring future Team Elite members, their advice is to do what you preach. “This way, you will become the object of admiration when you achieve success. Integrity and honesty are the highest qualities we can find in a human being. The two of us have lots of respect for people who possess these qualities as it is not easy to uphold truth in the world today,” added the husband and wife team.

But before you are willing to muster every ounce of sweat, you must have a direction for it to flow. You must have dreams. And big ones at that. “All the successful entrepreneurs we’ve observed have big dreams. They are committed to their course with hard work and a great ability to focus. They always have a “Can Do” attitude and believe in the vision they have set out for themselves.”

Yet, all is not a bed of roses for the stretch to reach those dreams required sacrifices. It may involve doing ‘undesirable’ tasks in the beginning and the willingness to do the ‘dirty work’. Which great entrepreneur didn’t start out in a humble way? Hong Kong’s tycoon Li Ka’Shing started out by selling plastic flowers.

Achieving the desired outcome and phenomenal success – it all starts in your hands. For qualifying as Team Elite 3 Years, the leaders would like “to thank our most supportive uplines, 1 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 5 Years, Teresa Tan & Michael San, 1 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 8 Years, Henry Ho, and 5 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 8 Years, Angela Liew and Rayne Ho, for their example and inspiration. We also wish to thank all our business partners for their dedication, and also side lines for being part of the ONE Nu Skin Family! For the coming period, we would like to share more of ourselves and lead our partners to success, by example.”