Samuel Tan

Samuel Tan

1 Million Dollar Circle Member &                 Blue Diamond

“If you keep your promise and deliver your end of the bargain, Nu Skin will deliver you your dream!”

Samuel Tan

You get what you sow - the law of reciprocity is undeniable. However, having earned his first million dollars in Nu Skin commission, Samuel Tan, new I Million Dollar Circle Member has demonstrated one thing….You can get exponential returns from what you’ve sow in Nu Skin!


When it comes to making worthwhile investments, Samuel knows best. Before joining Nu Skin full-time, Samuel worked in two of the world’s top investment banks, Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs, holding managerial and key positions in New York, Tokyo, London, Hong Kong and Singapore. “We do get paid quite a bit on Wall Street,” Samuel disclosed modestly. “It took quite a while, but I am finally making more money in Nu Skin than I was while was working on Wall Street. But the best part of it is being your own boss, having a flexible work schedule and doing what you feel is meaningful in your life. How many people can say that in today’s world? It is all about the having choices and freedom!” Samuel concluded with gusto.


Approaching the Nu Skin opportunity with an analytical mind was what convinced him that it can be a lucrative venture. Samuel cited that there are still new countries to enter, and established markets like Singapore to continually develop. Based on Nu Skin’s model of duplication and leverage, the income potential is limitless. To date, Samuel has trained and groomed Million Dollar Circle Members in China and many Blue Diamond Executives within his network. These accomplishments to him are what motivate him to share the business to “help people who want to help themselves”. In Nu Skin, there is no free lunch, or breakfast and dinner for that matter. But if you work with your perseverance and tenacity, plough on day by day, you will hit your exponential growth stage in your Nu Skin career, and that is where the money is!”


While Nu Skin is a formidable key that unlocks freedom, Samuel has one somber advice. “I am not a propagandist - I am not going to serve you the rhetoric that other than Nu Skin, there isn't any other career worth pursuing. But I can tell you this, always do what you like. I like doing Nu Skin and because I like what I do, that is why I am also successful at it.” The crux, however, is to keep an open mind and give yourself the chance to explore. “I relish the lifestyle of becoming my own boss and answering to myself; following my own intuition in driving my own business and destiny instead of answering to someone who may not always appreciate the hard work I put in. It is about being in the driver’s seat and daring to dream.”


Samuel likened the journey towards financial and time freedom as this, “It is very much like mountain climbing. At first glance it always looks insurmountable and even kind of crazy. And as always, along the way you will have climbers who will give up or friends who are contented to just to reach the midst, and people telling you that you don’t have what it takes. But as the reverenced Master Sifu once said – ‘all you need to do is to stay focused, forget about the cold and put one foot after the other’. And believe me, the view here at the peak is spectacular!”