Ong Gee & Jenny Ding

Ong Gee & Jenny Yip

1 Million Dollar Circle Member &                    Team Elite 2 year

"Success is about putting the team’s interest ahead of our personal interests."

Ong Gee & Jenny Ding

Qualifying as a Blue Diamond Executive the first year he joined Nu Skin and landing the coveted title of Team Elite Member the following year in 2002, Ong Gee’s meteoric rise to the top ranks seems to suggest that an annual re-qualification for the title is expected of him. But he didn’t qualify as a Team Elite Member again until now. After an eight-year absence, Ong Gee has returned to the height of this business with a renewed faith and thorough understanding of how success is truly achieved with Nu Skin. His story is about the reality behind the ‘glamour’ of making it as a leader.


“The feelings of re-qualifying as a Team Elite Member are indescribable. In these past years, I’ve grown a lot and had the chance to re-start and mature in my leadership. When I rose to become a leader too quickly, I lacked the experience and time to build a solid foundation and the challenges I encountered had a chance get a stronghold over me. But now I understood this business on a deeper level and stopped letting the past haunt me,” Ong Gee shared with great honesty. He hopes that through his story, more could be inspired towards leadership. It is not the speed that counts, but the quality that matters.


Before joining Nu Skin, Ong Gee was one of the top financial planners in the company he was working with. In 2008, he married Jenny and now the husband-and-wife team builds their Nu Skin business full-time. Even though Ong Gee is not new to the business, the turning point that spurred his desire to qualify for Team Elite again came after observing how the leaders in Nu Skin Korea build their business. “They do not just focus on building Blue Diamond Executives but in nurturing distributors into the various pin titles every step of the way. It is more important to invest in building depth in a leader so that the growth in this business can be sustainable.”


Ong Gee may have re-started his reach for Team Elite from ground zero but he has proved that it is achievable. “In life, we can start some things all over again so long as we have the future in sight. In re-qualifying again, we would like to thank 10 Million Dollar Circle Members and Team Elite 10 years, Angela Liew and Rayne Ho for their constant support and reaffirmation of our abilities. We would also like to thank our parents and most importantly, our team’s uplines, downlines and business partners who have encouraged and grew with us all these years.”