Lilian Ong

Lilian Ong

1 Million Dollar Circle Member &                       Team Elite 3 Years

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Lilian Ong

Success, as quantified by many, is the possession of great wealth, power and admiration by others. But for three years Team Elite Lilian Ong, her measure of success is not by what she owns, but the difference she has made.


“My definition of success is whether I made a difference in improving the lives of others. I constantly ask myself, ‘Did I make a positive impact in their lives?’ That to me is most gratifying. Qualifying as a Team Elite again gives me greater responsibility to want to make more people realize that the Nu Skin business opportunity is real and truly rewarding,” shared the former Sales Director of a media group of companies. When Lilian was approached about the opportunity in 2002, she had doubts about the business and was hesitant to join.


Today, she is a strong proponent of Multi-Level Marketing and confident that Nu Skin is THE company to be with. “Nu Skin is my love and passion. It no longer feels like work to me because I love what I do every day. Nu Skin has transformed my life and in turn, I am charged with this mission to bring this gift to others.” Compared to 10 years ago when the Singapore MLM industry was in its infancy, finding success through Nu Skin is so much easier now because there is a greater acceptance and awareness about the legitimacy of direct selling business model.


“I find that the longer one stays and does the Nu Skin business, the easier it becomes. What’s important to keep yourself going is commitment. Never stop till you reach your goals. And it is vital to have goals that matter a lot to you and know why you have them. You need to turn those goals into burning desires and the stamina to go the distance will come naturally,” shared Lilian about her personal realisation of what keeps people going in this business. In addition, the 35-year-old credits unconditional trust amongst business partners, team synergy and leveraging on the group’s strengths as key pillars of support to shorten the learning curve of success.


Lilian is very thankful to her many pillars in this business. “I would like to especially thank my husband and beloved mum for their support and understanding; 10 Million Dollar Circle Members, Rayne Ho and Angela, for their strong leadership and wise words; Million Dollar Circle Members, Ong Gee and Jenny Ding, for introducing me to the business and being such great uplines; the many sidelines who cheered for me and my downlines for believing in me! Now let’s continue to work together and help more people achieve the success we are enjoying today at a faster pace!”