Daniel Lim & Lilian Quah

Daniel Lim & Lilian Quah

5 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 8 Years

“You won’t find new action plans just by thinking about them. But when you start taking action, you will begin to develop new ways to think.”

Daniel Lim & Lilian Quah

Lillian and Daniel were amongst the firsts to join the Nu Skin opportunity when it came to Singapore in 2000. For the next 10 years, the husband-and-wife team has gone from peak to peak… gaining financial success, greater health, improved interpersonal relationships and reaching new dimensions in personal development. All these, they’ve achieved with a staunch determination in duplicating the Nu Skin business model and not reinventing the wheel. However, isn’t that in direct contradiction to their current success quote? A success principle that emphasizes new strategies?


Lillian and Daniel explained that there is really no irony in their quote, with its underlying philosophy qualifying them for double honours in this time round – Team Elite members for the seventh year and 5 Million Dollar Circle Members. “The Nu Skin business is easy in the sense that all the work and thinking processes have been done for you. All you need to do is duplicate the processes persistently and consistently, and the results will come.” Sounds simple enough, but that’s not all to the success equation according to the veteran leaders.


“The key is adaptability. The people’s business is the hardest of all businesses. Every person is different and our environment changes all the time so while you exercise duplication, you have to be flexible to adapt. But you won’t find new ways to do things or think about a situation unless you’re doing them and discovering new methods to deal with the resulting circumstances.” Persistence is a virtue in this business, but persistently making the same mistakes is why many get disheartened and give up this great opportunity.


In addition to flexibility, Lillian and Daniel believe that self-confidence plays an equally important role. When they first joined the business, Daniel recalled that they constantly repeated ‘You can do it!’ to themselves. “We would say it many, many times a day. It is important to build your enthusiasm and gain experience in the business while starting out. One of the best ways to do it is to surround yourself with like-minded people and create a positive and supportive environment. And always review your results so as to identify new ways that work for you,” advised the leaders.


A decade with Nu Skin Enterprises Singapore is indeed a notable milestone for Daniel and Lillian. For everything that they’ve achieved, the couple would like to thank all their uplines, sidelines and downlines for working together as one and giving them their support. They look forward to exploring more new ways and thought processes that’ll help everyone achieve success through Nu Skin.