Angelyn Sng & Tan Juinn Wen

Angelyn Sng &
Tan Juinn Wen

1 Million Dollar Circle Member &                       Team Elite 3 years

"You can't find new land without leaving the shore. Take one step at a time in the direction of your destination, and you will get there eventually." - Angelyn Sng
"A good deed deserves another. Always extend a helping hand to fellow men." - Tan Juinn Wen

Angelyn Sng & Tan Juinn Wen

They could very well have been doctors. Their answers to interview questions of their success story exemplified the precision of a surgeon wielding his scalpel. Crystallizing every philosophy and thought process that has multiplied their Nu Skin Enterprises business, Angelyn Sng and Tan Juinn Wen have all the right medicines to cure the woes to success one may face when building a future in this incredible business opportunity.


Perhaps due to their former careers in stock broking, this couple possesses a high degree of decisiveness and clarity in their actions. For them, becoming a millionaire in the Nu Skin Enterprises business is made easy because of the platform the company has created. "We approached this business just as we did with other ventures. We did our due diligence by first researching the opportunity, and when assured, proceeded with total conviction. Nu Skin Enterprises provides a simple business model that does not require rocket science to succeed, but consistent hard work, faith and focus," Juinn Wen shared. "Success can be attained in three simple steps - form a clear vision, formulate a systematic plan, and execute the plan well."


"Our biggest challenge was to convince and motivate people more capable than ourselves to join our quest. We had to galvanize our partners to forge a common path ahead, and tune the hearts of these highly driven and independent people. We did this by leading by example. Start by using the products and be a product of the products. Then guide the leaders to do the same, and help them grow their customer base and business builders in their organisation."


In fact, customers and business partners are of utmost importance to Angelyn and Juinn Wen who find it truly rewarding in making a significant and measurable difference in people's lives - for the consumers, it is looking and feeling better; and for business builders, the opportunity to discover an alternative business model in multi-level marketing and lifestyle choice. This firm belief is reinforced by their first-hand experience of an improved life at home. Parents to two teenage daughters, the couple participates keenly in every aspect of their daughters' growth through activities such as sports, and travelling with them on their school trips. Very often, they're the only set of parents who are able to be present. To them, a high-quality family life is the true measure of success.


For their continual accomplishments, the leaders would like to thank all business partners, uplines, downlines and sidelines, for bringing them to this milestone. "Our achievement is really the sum total of the results of our entire team. We will work towards having more of our leaders achieve greater success - there is room for all at the top!"