Angela Liew and Rayne Ho

Angela Liew & Rayne Ho

10 Million Dollar Circle Member &                    Team Elite 11 years

“Success is a habit. So is failure. Just do it!”

Angela Liew & Rayne Ho


Angela and Rayne joined Nu Skin Enterprises Singapore since the internationally acclaimed multi-level marketing company opened its doors here in 2000. Encountering the concept of direct selling for the first time, Angela and Rayne who were business partners in an education related business started with zero experience and faced many objections when they decided to take on the Nu Skin opportunity.


Despite the odds, they forged ahead with their decision as they could see how the business model provides a low-risk platform for entrepreneurship as compared to traditional businesses, and the potential of the company’s philosophy and products to change lives. Their burning desire to help others attain financial and time freedom powered them to work hard and overcome all challenges.


This pair of dynamic leaders has qualified as Team Elite Members every year since joining the company and even made it into the top ranks of distributorship with their recognition as US$10 Million Circle Members. That’s approximately US$1 million in commission earnings annually! This story celebrates their recognition as Team Elite Members for the eleventh year and find out the secrets of their long-standing success.


“Success is a habit. So is failure. When we help others find success, we succeed in this business too. This is the foundation of the Nu Skin opportunity. Success in Nu Skin is a journey undertaken together,” added Rayne.


On top of teamwork, the leaders also felt that the company’s continued pursuit of innovations in personal care and health supplement technologies has had a tremendous impact on their business. “Ultimately, for any company to continue to grow, it’ll be the strength of its products and the ability to harvest the benefits of new scientific discoveries in the products to bring results to users. Nu Skin has this ability to constantly be at the frontier of cutting-edge discoveries and offering solutions that don’t only bring about dramatic improvements, but also leads the competition.”


Angela and Rayne are talking about the breakthrough concept in genetic-based anti-aging skincare products and supplements that Nu Skin has developed – ageLOC. “We love ageLOC because we are now penetrating the cellular level to target the genetic expressions of aging. With Nu Skin, we can look forward to fantastic product developments all the time and leverage on the new technologies to help people look and feel better as well as growing our business!”


Having qualified consecutively as Team Elite Members for more than a decade, Angela and Rayne are very thankful to all the staff and partners in the Nu Skin business whose support has been instrumental to their achievements. Here’s to the new age of anti-aging excellence and success!