Amy Yip & Gary Lee

Amy Yip & Gary Lee

1 Million Dollar Circle Member &                      Team Elite 7 Years

"Dare to Dream, Act to Win. The best way to stay healthy is to be in the health business."

Amy Yip & Gary Lee

In 1986, reveling in the economic boom of Japan, Amy followed Gary to Tokyo where they carved a 10 years successful career in investment banking. During those “golden years” the young couple led a high-flying life; each earning an annual income of at least a million Hong Kong dollars. When the Nikkei index started to fall, Amy’s intuitive sense knew it would be wise to leave the investment market. That instinct, plus the fact that she had just given birth to her second child, prompted her to make the decision to leave the financial industry and focus her time at home with the kids.


Amy chose to join the direct-selling industry, despite fierce objections, as her next path because she saw the potential. “Money is important, but if you have no time and no health to enjoy your riches, what is the point of having millions of dollars? Nu Skin allows me the flexibility of deciding my business path; unlike the financial world where fortunes and millionaires are made and lost in an instant, Nu Skin guarantees a future passive income that is ever-growing.”


At the same time, Gary was still caught up in the rat-race, working long hours in a highly stressful environment. Amy commented that even if Gary were home, he would be spending more time monitoring his investments than with her! It was not long before his health started to deteriorate; he pondered over his life values and wondered whether this career was worthwhile.


Gary decided to leave his job and join his wife because he was attracted to the company’s compensation plan as hard work was handsomely rewarded; in addition it offered him something the corporate workforce could not – financial and time freedom.


Amy and Gary were no longer tied down by hectic and rigorous schedules and were even able to fly to Hong Kong to offer support and watch their sons participate in various volleyball and basketball games. “Family always comes first. Nu Skin gave me this freedom of choice. I would not have been able to do the same in my previous job; sudden market fluctuations or a call from the boss meant changing or canceling any previously made plans resulting in unhappiness for the entire family.”


Amy even compared the Nu Skin business to changing gears in a car, “When my kids were in primary school with a fixed timetable, I could drive my business in the 3rd or 4th gear. Once they move up to high school and needed time to adjust, I could slow down and drive in 2nd gear to spend more time with them. Now that they are happily settled, I can once again speed up.”


Their motto in life is “Helping others helps you.” They are not just enjoying their freedom but also dedicated to helping others achieve their dreams. Amy attributes their success to taking action and making that timely decision to change paths; coupled with constant hard work and gut instinct they have reached a pinnacle in their Nu Skin career.