Wee Siew Fong

Wee Siew Fong

“We are always our greatest enemy in this business. You only need one person to succeed in this business and that’s YOURSELF.”

Wee Siew Fong

She met with so many who did not understand the Nu Skin business because of their fears and misconceived notions about the company and the business. But what kept 36-year-old Siew Fong going was her motivation and drive to succeed in the Nu Skin business to attain financial freedom. “I met with a lot of rejections and had lots of people laugh at me for doing this!” recalls Siew Fong.

These days, though, the mother of two lovely daughters, who holds a masters degree in law can look back on her challenging road to success with nothing but gratitude to her ex-colleague TJ who introduced her to the Nu Skin business in June last year. Siew Fong admitted that she was not keen at all in the business as she had a negative perception of the business. However, after attending one of the Nu Skin business meetings, her mindset changed as she understood what this business represents & what it had to offer to her and her family. And after just seven short months in the business, this energetic and highly motivated lady has achieved the status of Blue Diamond!

“I have always been a positive and happy person who thrives on challenges. I found that facing up to these challenges was so enriching and it allowed me to grow & develop further where I could reach out to help more people become successful in this business. I am fortunate to have a wonderful mentor in my upline, Siew Pheng, who was always there for me and I used to call her almost daily when I first started out in the business. My husband is wonderfully supportive – he helps me focus on my strengths and is always there for me; and my 2 lovely girls for being so understanding and supportive of my business,” shares Siew Fong on how she overcame her challenges in the business.

In person, Siew Fong is one who treasures friendship very much and loves working with and empowering people. Siew Fong says that the journey has been a wonderful passage of self-discovery. “This is a truly wonderful business and it offers the BEST education plan one can ever find. I still recalled barely 2 weeks into the business, I was so extremely enriched by the wonderful things I have discovered about myself, my personal growth and the many wonderful friends I have made from this business. It is really the best thing that happened to me in my life!!”

Siew Fong attributes her success to the powerful training sessions by Anthony Robbins and her strong belief in herself. The keys to her success are in setting clearly defined goals and maintaining a highly positive attitude. “It is easier to attract success than to pursue success – so it is very important to have a successful mindset or attitude right from the start!” insists Siew Fong.

It is Siew Fong’s ultimate goal in life to have absolute freedom to do the things which she truly loves. These include having the time to spend with her family, pursue her varied interests and helping the less fortunate. To those who are new in the business, Siew Fong advises them to do two things:
- Make a decision right now to be SUCCESSFUL – most people never decide to be successful or wealthy.
- Learn from the experts- study successful people and do what they did.

"Siew Fong would like to extend her deepest appreciation to all her uplines,sidelines and downlines, in particular the following:
- Ken & TJ for showing her this wonderful business and constantly pushing her to achieve further
- Siew Pheng for being her mentor
- Ing Ping for always sending her such positive and uplifting messages
- Ronny & Boon for showing her the meaning of true leadership, friendship and compassion
- Felix, Chin Tiong, Stella & Kwai Yoong for believing in her and the wonderful times they shared
- Nick, for his wonderful positive spirit and relentless effort in keeping the great Malaysian team together- And her team of fantastic builders – too many to name – for their relentless commitment, belief, passion, friendship … the wonderful team spirit and mutual support is what make all of them so very special!"