Wang Ing Ching & Chang Chin Yue

Wang Ing Ching & Chang Chin Yue

“Persist towards the end and not only will the rewards make it worth your while, success will also be yours at hand.”

Wang Ing Ching & Chang Chin Yue

For someone who was new to the network marketing industry, starting a business in Nu Skin seemed mission impossible. This was the uphill task Ing Ching was faced with when she first decided to start the Nu Skin business after being a curriculum consultant and an editor for several years. However this spirited lady persisted and refused to be daunted by the challenge that lay ahead of her.

Ing Ching decided to improve her knowledge on the network marketing industry by reading up and finding out more about the industry and the company. She soon realized that Nu Skin is a company with massive credibility and great financial standing. She was also impressed with the effectiveness of the products.

Ing Ching’s perseverance paid off with her attaining the Blue Diamond title. Although many others had reservations about her succeeding because they believed that those who joined her later would be faced with more difficulties due to market saturation, Ing Ching had a more positive outlook on this problem. She reasons that there are always people who have just graduated or who are at the right timing in their lives to be on the lookout for opportunities.

Even the recent economic downturn fails to discourage this buoyant lady. She feels that due to the recession, there are people who are jobless or are faced with job instability. This makes them more open and receptive to other opportunities such as the Nu Skin business, which has managed to remain lucrative despite the economic gloom. Singapore, she says, is a gateway to other countries. So she feels that there are plenty of opportunities to expand and it is never too late to join the Nu Skin business.

One wonders if Ing Ching was always so positive and forthcoming, but she reveals that it was hard for her initially because she is more of an introvert. However, Nu Skin enabled her to move out of her own comfort zone and open up to other people. Ing Ching attributes her success to the fact that she is a committed person who once has her heart set on something, will persist towards the end. She focuses on her goals in life and just works her way towards them.

To Ing Ching, not only does she have to thank her uplines who had taught her well, but also her downlines and sidelines, who had taught her invaluable lessons. She explains that through them, she learnt the importance of persistence when she saw them persisting despite the rejections that they were faced with. Their conviction saw them through all their setbacks. This in turn led her to discover that one will succeed as long as they have the conviction and belief in the company. One must strongly believe that they can achieve what they plan to have, never give up and soon success will come knocking on their doors.

Ing Ching looks forward to fulfilling her ultimate goal in life, which is to retire early, spend more time with her family, and do what she has always wanted to do, for herself, her loved ones as well as the community.

Ing Ching believes that as long as she persists now, she would be able to enjoy the rewards of her efforts in time to come. To her, Nu Skin marks the beginning of a great learning experience and the road that will lead her to her dreams.