Teresa Ho

Teresa Ho

“Success equals training plus action!”

Teresa Ho

Why is achieving success in the Nu Skin business like cooking a sumptuous meal? According to Teresa, maximizing the Nu Skin business opportunity is not unlike preparing a culinary feast. “A lot of preparation goes into cooking a delicious meal. You have to choose the right and freshest ingredients, you have to prepare the seasoning, you have to add in colors and spices, then you have to brave the fire and heat to turn up a gastronomical delight. With Nu Skin, it is the same,” Teresa enthused.

She drew her synergy from the fact that in order to go far in the Nu Skin business, one must undergo and accept training. The period of training is like the preparation work that goes into cooking. “You have to be well versed in Nu Skin and its products. You must be knowledgeable about this business. Then you have to work on human relationships and to add spice to your meetings and you must not fear rejection. When you can brave through all that, you’ll find success in Nu Skin.”

Wanting to be financially independent, Teresa is finally realizing her goals with Nu Skin. Despite being in her late forties, she had also proved that her age is not a hindrance in her search for success. She believes that, “the Nu Skin business can be undertaken by anyone. It doesn’t need you to be highly educated or have a special background. All it requires of you is the courage to challenge yourself to change. As long as you have the spirit to work hard, to strive for excellence without fear of failure, I believe everyone has the potential to succeed.”

Teresa also strongly believes that the recipe for success should include meeting the customer’s needs. “You must give out the correct information and understand the needs of the clients. If you don’t understand his or her needs, then you may prescribe something that is incorrect and the ‘dish’ becomes distasteful and unappetizing and you’ll be rejected.”

It is exactly her conviction to caring for people’s needs that had made Teresa a dutiful wife, a filial daughter and a devoted mother. Quitting a promising career in education, Teresa took care of her ailing mother till her passing away in 1997. Then she contents herself with being a full-time housewife to guide and care for her two children in their adolescent years.

Having lost touch with society from her long hiatus as a working professional, Teresa was thankful to have been approached with the Nu Skin opportunity. She is also grateful for the effective training, steadfast guidance and good advice that her upline Blue Diamond Executives had given her all this while. She is indebted to the fabulous support, wonderful team spirit and the marvelous hard work her beloved downlines had put in that helped to make her success possible. Teresa is especially comforted by the support she gets from her husband and children. “My children are very supportive and they showed this by taking care of their own schoolwork. They also show concern by asking how I’m doing whenever the end of the month draws near. When I come home late, they’ll also show me concern and comfort. In fact, our mother-children relationship had improved in the past year!”

That unexpected ‘benefit’ of joining the Nu Skin business was only one of the many improvements she had observed. Currently, this self-professed culinary aficionado’s fundamental goal now is to groom more partners into Blue Diamond Executives. She sees this as her responsibility and goal. She hopes that they can share the beauty of the Nu Skin business and also to share the same success that she is enjoying!