Tan Chee Seng

Deon Tan, Jenny Cheng, Thomas Owyong & Mary Tan

“You don’t need to spend a lot of money in Nu Skin. But you definitely need to invest your time.”- Deon Tan

“You just have to listen and follow instructions in this business.” - Thomas Owyong

Deon Tan, Jenny Cheng, Thomas Owyong & Mary Tan

Deon and Thomas have a friendship that spanned 30 years. Navy camp mates back in 1975, these two business partners have since forged an unbreakable candor made only stronger by the Nu Skin Enterprises opportunity. Thomas planned while Deon manned, but surprisingly, the synergistic cooperation that these two men shared was hardly the reason for their ascending the ranks as Blue Diamond Executives. “Most importantly, it all comes from the heart,” Deon said.

“The biggest challenge in Nu Skin Enterprises is that you must have superhuman patience. Prospecting and finding people to join the business is easy. The mightiest hurdle to cross is helping these people rekindle their dreams and goals in life that had been so white-washed by our hectic working lives to make a living. And to lead them to rediscovering those desires is a long, and sometimes, arduous process. So we need to be patient. And patience stems from a genuine sincerity towards these people, believing that they can live to their fullest potential,” Thomas urged with calm articulation. And that was how they carved out their success in the business.

Deon concurred adding that the more people you help become successful in this business, the more success you will enjoy. But all these had not come easy.

This pair of evergreen business partners, with their wives, would like to thank their uplines, Jason Tay and Esther Chew, for introducing this marvelous opportunity to them. They would also like to thank Team Elite Members, Neo Poh Lin and Selenium Chai; and 10 Million Dollar Circle Members and Team Elite 10 years, Rayne Ho and Angela Liew; and 1 Million Dollar Circle Member and Team Elite 8 years,Henry Ho: and 1 Million Dollar Circle Members and Team Elite 5 years, Teresa Tan and Michael San; for all their support, teaching and guidance. They would also like to take this opportunity to thank all their downlines from the various Nu Skin Enterprises markets for their hard work and support in this business.