Ong Hock Seng

Ong Hock Seng

“You succeed only when you help others succeed.”

Ong Hock Seng

The husband and wife team, Nancy Poh and Ong Hock Seng, has weathered the storm to emerge a shining testimony of success as Nu Skin Enterprises Singapore's newest Blue Diamond Executive.

Both pursued successful careers before joining Nu Skin Enterprises. Hock Seng was a Human Resource Director with a Japanese multi-national corporation, whereas Nancy worked in diversified areas such as civil and structural engineering for more than 10 years. “I resisted the idea of multi-level marketing initially because it entailed having to sell products directly. But after careful evaluation of Nu Skin's business model, my husband and I realized its unlimited potential was an opportunity we could not miss,” said Nancy.

Coming from the corporate world, Hock Seng and Nancy struggled to discard the 'employee mindset' when they first joined the business. “An 'employee mindset' says get a job, get a promotion, and follow that career path until you retire. To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to break free from that conditioning mindset. Be willing to invest all your time and effort in building your business. Expand your outlook, acquire more knowledge and skills and execute them in your business. If you stumble, find out your mistakes, learn from it, build on it and turn it into a success. Never quit your business. It is only when you quit, you actually fail.”

Hock Seng and Nancy embarked on their Nu Skin journey with the belief that it would change not only their lives, but that of many others for the better. “It's the most thrilling experience in the world to be a Force for Good through the Nu Skin Enterprises mission. We not only have the opportunity to help others improve their health and lifestyle, but also achieve their dreams. And in the process, we are being blessed with good friends for life!”

As a Lieutenant-Colonel and a Commanding Officer in the Singapore Armed Forces, Hock Seng understands the importance of leadership and the power of team work. “We don't fight alone, we win together. That's the spirit of the Nu Skin business too. However the challenge lies in being able to allow different people to lead at different times in different situations. People must give us the permission to lead.”

Hock Seng and Nancy would like to take this opportunity to thank their business partners from all over the region. “We are truly grateful for their support, which has helped us in our journey to a Blue Diamond Executive.”