Lim Siang Joo

Lim Siang Joo

"Learn to appreciate the people around you and have an altruistic spirit. Have faith in what you believe in and you would find that success is within your grasp."

Lim Siang Joo

One can be sure that anyone with an appetite for knowledge and growth would go far in life and indeed Siang Joo is the one such person. Siang Joo a former retail pharmacist found that her job did not provide her with an enriching learning ground and realised that this was definitely not what she wanted to be stuck with in life.

The media's attention on Nu Skin and multi-level marketing stirred a great interest in Siang Joo. Siang Joo understood Nu Skin's marketing plan and saw the exponential opportunity in the business before deciding that this was indeed the career of a lifetime.

She found Nu Skin to be the right medium to freedom. Besides, the business explored her magnanimous and committed nature to the fullest. The career path was indeed laid with challenges, especially in the initial months when her baby was merely months old. However, her energy and attitude was almost admirable to everyone who works closely with her and her focus and sincerity is a great motivation to many of them. Challenges carves strength, growth and leadership, all of which Siang Joo is finding more rewarding in this career, as it fulfilled the search for personal development she has always been searching for.

Siang Joo believes strongly in teamwork and strives to develop leaders in her organization and their success in this career too. In fact, words from her heart, "it is more joyous when I see my downlines grow and achieve!" It is probably her relentless attitude and aspiration to help many people achieve, exactly living Nu Skin's mission, which led to her own success.

However a very humble lady, Siang Joo insists she has yet to achieve her own measurement of success, which is to have the ability to help, bring happiness and a better lifestyle to many people in the world, especially the less fortunate.

Always so focus, her motivation stems from the fact that she gets nearer to her fulfillment of her dreams as she moves on with Nu Skin's career. Siang Joo works to provide her parents with a comfortable life, to relax, enjoy and visit many beautiful places in different countries. "They have worked so hard to bring us up, and I insist they live the dreams I wish for them, that this world is beautiful for us to give many places a miss in this lifetime". For herself, Siang Joo wishes to leave a difference to this world and knows she needs independence and wealth to help people she loves or cares for. She capitalizes on this business opportunity to build her time for her child, and works proudly to provide him with the best she wishes to give. These are her sources of motivation.

Siang Joo feels that Nu Skin provides a happy working environment for fulfillment of one's dreams and personal development. A career at Nu Skin dares us to dream, yet have the confidence they'll be achieved! Siang Joo is extremely thankful to all her upline leaders, for all the advice, guidance they've extended. She adds that one has to be humble, appreciative, focused and positive in order to accomplish achievements and success in this business!