Jenny Yiew & Sally Lim

Jenny Yiew

“With persistence, determination and a willingness to work hard, success in this business is only a matter of time”

Jenny Yiew

Most people enter retirement or at least would have thought of retirement by the time they reach the age of 54, but not new Blue Diamond Executive Jenny Yiew who has gone through a successful career change with Nu Skin. A beautician with 28 years experience operating her own salon, Jenny Yiew came to Singapore from Malaysia at a tender age. Starting out as an apprentice at a tailor's, she soon discovered her interest in helping people look good. She then set her sights on the beauty industry, attending many beauty and nail art courses. Through self-study and courses, she eventually set up her own beauty salon.

It was through sheer toil and hard work that she was successful with her salon, constantly achieving top sales and winning many prizes and trophies. She also earned many overseas incentive trips. For 28 years, she worked 7 days a week without fail. There was no time for family, friends or for her to do the things she enjoyed. On top of being devoid of a social life, her health eventually became an issue. She started to develop constant headaches and giddy spells.

Her salon was doing well, albeit at the expense of her health. She was aware that she would not be able to operate her salon for much longer - it was not a sound solution for retirement. Her spark of inspiration came from upline 5 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 7 Years Jacqueline Chang. Through Ms. Chang, Jenny was motivated to embark on the Nu Skin platform to fulfill her dream of achieving true financial stability and freedom, even into her retirement years.

For the success that she has achieved, Jenny would like to thank her uplines and business partners. She is especially grateful to 5 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 10 Years Jacqueline Chang, 1 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 7 Years Michael Leung & Betty Chan, Team Elite 3 Years Philip Liu & Fion Chan, and Blue Diamond Executives Brenda Lim and Jean Ho for offering their motivation and support during the most trying times. Above all, she would like to thank them for exemplifying what it means to have love and concern for others.