Gig Chua & Matthew Choong

Gig Chua &
Matthew Choong

"Sacrifice your enjoyment now and you can enjoy your sacrifices when you are successful."

Gig Chua & Matthew Choong

Currently working as Engineers in a Telco company, Gig and Matthew considered themselves to be your everyday hoi polloi. “We represent your average Janes and Joes; good jobs, good friends and good life... or so we thought.” By chance, they were invited to one of the Nu Skin business opportunity meetings and couldn't wait to get out. They felt very uncomfortable in that new environment. Thankfully, they had very persistent sponsors, Vanessa and David, who showed lots of patience and persuaded them back to every meeting till their eyes REALLY open up. “The opportunity had really changed our lives, helping us to find out what we really want to achieve.”

Gig and Matthew joined Nu Skin 4 years ago and they were attracted by the business because of its power of compound interest and the ability to grow their incomes exponentially. Their initial objectives to start the business were monetary, such as getting their dream house and car. But today, their aspirations through the business are to become better persons. “For one, when we look back, we can say that we’ve learnt to handle ‘people’ situations much better; especially with rejections, hard rejections. Most of our prospects don’t see what we saw in this business.”

Apart from the fantastic products, the couple had also come to embrace the Nu Skin culture, which allowed them to contribute to a team and yet grow as leaders. So what motivates Gig and Matthew to build their network? “Our goals and the opportunity to add value and happiness to the lives of our loved ones. One of the high points is when our families started to see how the business has enriched us and became very supportive of our business venture. With the Force For Good crusade, we were also able to contribute to a larger society and one not necessarily our own. We were very privileged to spend time in a orphanage in Jakarta with our business partners and be able to help, even in a small way.”

Gig and Matthew are very thankful of their achievement. “We would be nobody without these wonderful mentors – 10 Million Dollar Circle Member and Team Elite 10 Years, Rayne Ho and Angela Liew, 1 Million Dollar Circle Member and Team Elite 8 Years, Henry Ho, 1 Million Dollar Circle Member and Team Elite 5 Years, Teresa Tan and Michael San, 1 Million Dollar Circle Member and Team Elite 3 Years, Neo Poh Lin and Selenium Chai. Thank you all!”