Gavin Sim & Doris Lim

Gavin Sim & Doris Lim

“Let the persistence to help people achieve their dreams come from your heart and you will constantly renew your strength in this business.”

Gavin Sim & Doris Lim

When you help people get what they want, you will in turn fulfill your dreams. And the spirit of this simple yet powerful principle is at the core of Nu Skin Enterprises Singapore’s new Blue Diamond Executives, Gavin Sim and Doris Lim. For this husband-and-wife team, persistence and sincerity to help are what keep them going and continually achieving more with Nu Skin.


Coming from humble backgrounds, Gavin and Doris worked as a Regional Finance Manager with one of the big four accounting firms and a Marketing Executive respectively in Singapore. Through their hard work, they’ve forged rewarding careers with the multinational firms and were financially worry-free. However, since taking up the Nu Skin opportunity 2.5 years ago, the couple had recently quit their lucrative jobs to go full-time in the business.


“Nu Skin gives us more than just financial freedom, but also the things that cannot buy. We really love the Force For Good culture and through it, we’ve grown to understand people better. Especially for me. I used to be rather skeptical and negative about life, but now, I’ve become a very positive person and full of hopes,” Gavin shared.


Apart from their growth in character, the couple also experienced tremendous changes of another kind… the way they look and their health has improved. “We faced considerable challenges in convincing our friends to join the Nu Skin business opportunity as many of them are well-paid professionals. But when they saw our transformations, they saw the results, they changed their minds,” Doris recounted about how being a product of the products was the best word of mouth.


The couple disclosed that their success hasn’t come easy but through consistent hard work and persistence, they’ve reached their goal for freedom in life. Yet, achieving the Blue Diamond status is only their beginning. They have bigger plans for their business network.


For helping them reach this milestone in the Nu Skin business, Gavin and Doris would like to thank their upline, Blue Diamond Executive Kho Lee Ling, 1 Million Dollar Circle Member Mr Chua and Emily, 1 Million Dollar Circle Member Mr and Mrs Yap, 1 Million Dollar Circle Member Lillian Ong, 1 Million Dollar Circle Member Ong Gee, 10 Million Dollar Circle Members Rayne and Angela, and all their business partners.