Erica Ong & Michael Szeto

Erica Ong &
Michael Szeto

"Dare to Dream and Dream BIG! Do not let your feelings dictate your action!"

Erica Ong & Michael Szeto

An interior designer before joining the Nu Skin business, new Blue Diamond Executive Erica Ong had met with all sorts of rejections and objections when she decided to pursue the opportunity. Yet, against all odds, she succeeded. “My husband didn’t support my venture into Nu Skin initially. He thought it was illegal pyramid selling, and my friends advised me against it too because they think the market is already saturated,” recalled Erica.

With her success, the ever optimistic leader has debunked all those myths. In retrospect of her achievement, Erica’s advice for making it in the business is to be focused, persistent and humble. “It is that ‘I can, I will and I must’ attitude. Work on your ‘WHY’ in this business; your ‘WHY’ must be bigger than yourself. The ‘WHY’ will see you through the ups and downs.”

“In addition, the virtue of patience is just as important. Don’t expect overnight success and adopt an attitude to start from zero. And always be willing to learn new ways of doing things. Sometimes, even when I fear to do something, I just do it,” said Erica, whose role model is Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew for his indomitable spirit towards learning.

And learn Erica did. “I was shy and not outspoken by nature, but through the Nu Skin opportunity, I have gained great self-confidence and learnt to be independent from all the business travels overseas.” For her, success is not measured by material possessions but in character moulding and spiritual maturity. She feels that Nu Skin has indeed satisfied her livelihood needs as well as higher order needs through the Force For Good initiatives, such as the Nourish The Children™ project.

Erica would like to give “special thanks to my upline, Blue Diamond Executive, Mark Ng and Catherine Soh; 1 Million Dollar Circle Member and Team Elite 3 Years, Perseus and Marine, who helped me during the journey; Blue Diamond Executive, Ong Hock Seng who helped me find my ‘WHY’ for doing the business; Blue Diamond Executive KC Chiang who supported me throughout; and 5 Million Dollar Circle Member and Team Eilte 1 Year, Janet Cheung, and Blue Diamond Executive Siamy and Wiling Tan who helped an ordinary person like me create extraordinary results. Thanks to all the sidelines who work closely together. Most importantly, I would like to thank God for His blessings and my husband, Michael, for his unfailing support.”

Her next goal? To help her downlines achieve greater success!