Dr Naga

Dr Naga

“Success is definite if you never give up.”

Dr Naga

At the age of 29, Dr Win Win Hlaing started out her own business in the distribution of medical equipments from various countries into her home country, Myanmar.  After 10 years of successfully building the business, she began looking for another business venture opportunity, and this lead her to Nu Skin. 


Dr Win Win Hlaing joined Nu Skin Enterprises Singapore as a distributor in April 2009, and in less than 2 years, she achieved the title of a Blue Diamond Executive. Through sheer determination and dexterity, Dr Win Win Hlaing held the reigns of the many roles she plays and proved that in this business, so long as one stays the course, success is only a matter of time.


The newly-minted leader could hardly contain her elation of her success. “I’m very excited that I can now share the results of my hard work with my parents!” Dr Win Win Hlaing’s father, Dr Thein Hlaing (Naga), has been the mainspring for desire to succeed from young.


Striving hard to reach where she is today, Dr Win Win Hlaing feels that the accolade has empowered her to do much more in this business. “Being a Blue Diamond gives me more responsibilities to help more people to achieve their success and freedom.” Drawing experiences from her traditional business and the Nu Skin opportunity, Dr Win Win Hlaing is convinced that this form of entrepreneurship is the way to go. Through growing her Nu Skin network, she hopes to bring many people towards a better future. “I want them to get freedom from their ‘time trap’ and ‘money trap’. And I want to see the smiles on children, and they become power for me every day.”


Smiles are also what powered the growth of Dr Win Win Hlaing’s business as she lists it as the first ingredient in her formula for success. This is followed by friendliness and the desire to share good things with the people we love. “In this business, like every business, there are bound to be challenges and obstacles. To overcome them, I hold steadfast to my motto to never give up. When you have a strong desire to succeed, you will get what you want.”


Achieving this unexpected feat in the business, Dr Win Win Hlaing is very grateful to her upline Blue Diamond Executive, Koh Yen Yen, Blue Diamond Executives, Lim Siang Joo and Lee Kah Seng; and most importantly, 20 Million Dollar Circle Members Mr and Mrs Wang Kuan Ming. With Nu Skin, Dr Win Win Hlaing has rekindled her courage to dream big and could now confidently put down the title of Million Dollar Circle Member as her next goal!