Dorothy Tay & Dr Peter S.H. Tay

Dorothy Tay & Dr Peter S.H. Tay

"Nu Skin is a business built upon good relationships." - Dorothy Tay

"Believe in yourself, the company and the products. Be prepared to do today what others won't, so that you can do tomorrow what others can't." - Dr Peter S H Tay

Dorothy Tay & Dr Peter S.H. Tay

Dorothy was a successful senior corporate executive for many years in the banking industry where she concentrated on Treasury and Money Market activities.

Dr Tay, a practicing dentist within a large dental practice is well versed with the principle of leverage and the knowledge of building an extraordinary team.

When the Nu Skin business opportunity was offered to the Tays, the timing was right for them. They were approached by their sponsors Dr Ko and Dr Djeng about this business opportunity, which promised another residual income stream. Network marketing is a business that can be done on a part-time basis and the Tays had time to spare. After verifying that network marketing was permitted in Singapore and having researched thoroughly on the company, the Tays decided to embark on this challenge. They were "intrigued" by this 21st Century business model and were ready to test it seriously to see if it suited them.

The Tays set out to educate themselves about this industry. They allowed themselves to be taught and coached by very good mentors. In turn, they seek to do likewise with their business partners.

Dorothy would like to encourage mothers of young children and teenagers to consider joining the Nu Skin business. She knows that in corporate life, a person can attain industry recognition, social prestige and financial rewards. However, that achievement is often gained at a severe compromise on time spent with family. With the Nu Skin business, in a sense, "one can have it all". A woman will be able to nurture her children and at the same time build her own business at a relatively low start-up cost. She can establish a successful business legacy for the next generation and be able to contribute effectively to society as well.

Dorothy believes that Nu Skin has used an economically efficient business model of product distribution. It is a business built primarily upon relationships. Organizations will grow and succeed when business partners are part of an extended family.

Dorothy and Peter would like to thank their sponsors Peter and Michael Anderson, Dixie and Craig Bailey, Dr Ko and Dr Djeng for their constant training and encouragement.

They would also like to thank the Nu Skin corporate team in Singapore for their excellent support and assistance in the business.

Through the Nu Skin business, Dorothy and Peter have experienced the warm friendship and strong team spirit of their business partners and are thankful for their effort.