Dorothy Chew

Dorothy Chew

"Build your own happiness upon others' happiness"

Dorothy Chew

Relationships are very important. How you deal with people, how you treat them and how you look at these relationships.

With the pace of life today, many people forget the value of their relationships with other people. In the rush of the rat race, they forget how to communicate. Dorothy is thankful that this has not happened to her. Communication? It is all part of the job. She loves to talk!

Previously, Dorothy was in the business of dental implants. She felt disappointed when her staff left her to start a rival company after her time and effort in nurturing them. However, she feels more secure here as she feels that the Nu Skin compensation plan encourages her to share and train her downlines wholeheartedly. When the downline is successful, the upline will benefit and their linkage cannot be changed willfully. So she can now put all her time and effort into training her downlines without the fear of a repeated bad experience.

To Dorothy, the best job to have is the job that you love. If you have that, you won't have to work for the rest of your life. Every day will be filled with enjoyment. Dorothy loves people, she loves interacting with them and she loves working with them. The Nu Skin business is perfect for her because she detests the thought of going to the office and having to do the same thing day after day.

In her own business, she wakes up when she wants to and then she has the freedom to spend the day interacting with other people. What makes it all more fulfilling is that it is not pointless interaction, it is what her job entails. Dorothy greatly enjoys the challenge that is presented by the whole process of evolution that takes place in the business. Talking to others about her insights and experiences as well as imparting skills to her downlines also helps to nurture her personal growth and perception, it has become more than just about inter-relationships. Dorothy also feels that her own life and skills have been enriched.

In business, nobody can survive as an island. Being selfless does not always put you at a disadvantage. Dorothy knows that the only way that you can help yourself is by helping others, especially in a multi-level marketing business. The only way to help yourself, is to help others unselfishly. Give others the gift of your time, attention and care. Help them to achieve their goals and dreams and in return your own goals and dreams will be fulfilled. Besides, if you do good by helping others while helping yourself, why not?

Dorothy has a knack of turning negative energy into a positive force. "Don't be angry, just persevere" is a Chinese saying and that is how she uses the downside of rejection to spur her on. When she feels dejected, she uses the negative experience for a positive purpose. It becomes the force pushing her past the hurdle to go the distance, even further and faster.

Of course it helps when you have faith in the products that you market. Not only does she love using the products, Dorothy also likes the idea of multi-level marketing. She is sure that with the current Nu Skin structure, her efforts will be justly rewarded. The structured form of business that Nu Skin has adopted gives her the sense of security that she needs.

Nu Skin has provided all the answers for Dorothy. She now has a full-time job that she loves, the chance to help others, the security that she needs and the rewards that she expects. She identifies with the spirit of professionalism and is happy with the results that her efforts have yielded.