Christine Chia & Sam Tan

Christine Chia & Sam Tan

“He who loses faith, loses all."

Christine Chia & Sam Tan

Sometimes, a little faith is all it takes to achieve success. For Sam and Christine, it was their unwavering faith in the business that brought them to their level of success today. Prior to joining Nu Skin, Sam was an associate director with a local real estate company for 8 years. He managed many staff under him and was deriving much satisfaction from his position. Christine, on the other hand, had already built a strong customer base in her career as she had been an insurance agent for the past 9 years.

However, despite having fixed monthly incomes, both of them knew that something was still lacking. It was only until they were introduced to the Nu Skin business when they realized that it was a lifetime opportunity that they could reject. “We were looking for an opportunity that could help us achieve success within the shortest period of time and we knew that Nu Skin was the only way in which we could do so,” they say. “We were also attracted to the business because all it took was a low investment to achieve the residual income we were looking for,”

After studying the business carefully, Sam and Christine discovered that there were so many benefits that the Nu Skin business could provide which could not be found elsewhere. They were searching for financial independence, time freedom and security in their jobs but could not see themselves achieving these dreams if they stayed on in their jobs. So, they decided to put all their heart to the Nu Skin business and today they are reaping the rewards of their efforts. In barely one and a half years of joining the business, they achieved the prestigious Blue Diamond status.

Through the synergy of the experiences in their corporate lives, both Sam and Christine have formed a very strong partnership. Their path to success was indeed not smooth sailing but they have been remained positive throughout the whole course. “One of the valuable lessons that I’ve learnt through this business is that I must be willing to change myself to adapt to the changes in my surroundings. We can never expect our surroundings to change to suit us,” says Christine.

“Persistency is another key factor to success. We faced countless problems along the way, but managed to overcome each problem by being persistent in everything, be it talking to our downlines or sharing the products with other people,” adds Sam. Today, Sam admits he is a much happier person, as he is able to have a better quality lifestyle and the freedom to do whatever he desires.

Despite achieving success, this dynamic duo has no intention of resting on their laurels but instead they aim to reach greater heights. By just hearing the both of them talk about the Nu Skin business, one can feel the passion and life in their voices. “We are now able to see a bright future ahead of us, unlike in the past. Sometimes we really find it hard to believe that we have this opportunity of establishing a global business. We believe that we are on the road to further success especially with the opening of the China market!” say Sam and Christine.

Their message to all who wish to succeed in the Nu Skin business is:
“Believe in yourself
Believe in the company
Believe in the product
Believe in your upline”