Christina Ong

Christina Ong

"With Nu Skin, you can dare to dream. Stay focused and be passionate. Enjoy the journey for its tremendous personal growth experience."

Christina Ong

Perhaps the two most suitable words that describe Christina would be passionate and focused. A person with a strong artistic flair, Christina describes herself as an ordinary Singaporean. She graduated from the National University of Singapore and started her employment career in Public Relations, then moved into Marketing and Business Development in the automobile industry where she rose in the corporate ladder. After 12 years, she decided to follow her heart to create a fresh career in image consulting. She headed for the United States for her training and earned her Certified Image Professional standing with the Association of Image Consultants in 1998. Over the last 7 years, she has derived much fulfillment in her image career, specializing in training corporate employees and other consultants. Certainly, she was not in desperate need for the Nu Skin business opportunity.

However, what attracted her initially to Nu Skin were simply the incredible results that she personally experienced by using the products. "As an image consultant, I've tried many brands of skincare products, but using Nu Skin was very different. My husband tried the non-alkaline cleansing bar and I started off by using the Nu Skin White range. I was pleasantly amazed because within two to three months, I could feel and see the difference. I absolutely love the products!" says Christina.

Christina was introduced to the Nu Skin products by a friend and business associate, Dorothy Chew who subsequently became Singapore's first batch of Blue Diamond Executives. She laughingly admits how she rejected Dorothy's persistent invitations to try out the business at the initial stage. However, it was Christina's husband who urged her to consider the business. He saw the future potential behind the great products in terms of how it could leverage time and effort and offer global opportunities to reach new markets with no huge capital outlay and risks. After realizing that one could accumulate your hard work and efforts with the rewards becoming more valuable over time, Christina decided to give the business her best shot on a part time basis. Within two years, she successfully built a strong network and today she has achieved the coveted title of Blue Diamond.

According to Christina, she also faced challenges in building the business. With her own business and family to take care of, Christina had to squeeze and reprioritize her time in "juggling several balls". Another challenge was the fact that she had no past experience in selling and there were issues of pride and the fear of rejection. Christina has learnt an important tool along the way - "The ability to sell is the ability to communicate and influence". She then took it as a challenge to develop a skill that is crucial for success in all aspects of life.

Today, Christina believes that she has added to her image consulting a more secured career path which offers her time flexibility and greater financial security. More importantly she values the chance to impact the lives of many others. Her advice to those who are new in the business is to set clear goals for themselves. She suggests breaking big goals into smaller goals with action plans as milestones along the journey towards success. Create rewards for even the little achievement to stay motivated.

Christina would like to thank her upline Dorothy Chew for her friendship and exemplary leadership as local Blue Diamond as well as her network associates who have joined her in embracing the vision and passion of the Nu Skin business. To her overseas upline Blue Diamonds Dr Lee, Amy Jiang, Vivian Ke, Patricia Hsu and her Hawaiian Blue Diamonds Deborah Loh and Mr & Mrs Lin Yuen Lung, she appreciates their integrity and thanks them for their commitment and solid business training and guidance. The understanding and support of her husband Eng Chiang and her sons, Lennard and Gerald meant everything. Last and most of all, her faith in God to whom she attributes all glory.