Beatrice Tan & Kim Ong

Beatrice Tan & Kim Ong

"Nu Skin is different. The company brings the Force For Good and it contributes a lot to society. It is worth spending time on such an enterprise." - Beatrice Tan

Beatrice Tan & Kim Ong


Financial security has never been the main reason for her involvement with Nu Skin. Sometimes it is the experiences that you get out of what you do that count. Beatrice enjoys her business as it brings her fun and excitement, allowing her to see things and meet people that she may never have had the chance to otherwise.

Her Nu Skin business is not limited to the Singapore market but is more on an international front. Beatrice's business portfolio includes USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Iceland, Thailand, Philippines and Singapore. One of her biggest rewards is being able to see the culture of the people and having the chance to immerse herself in the day-to-day lifestyle when she goes away on business trips.


Having watched her downlines grow and succeed all over the world gives her a sense of accomplishment and pleasure. Not only have they succeeded in building successful businesses for themselves, they have also seen improvements in their skin and lifestyle. Beatrice knows how important it is to have faith in the products that one markets, and what better way to build faith than to use the products and be able to personally see the improvements. After all, everyone loves to be complimented on his or her beauty and radiance.

What surprises Beatrice most is that a person of her impatient nature finds herself in this line of work where patience and persistence is often the key to success. However, she has learnt to keep her impatience in check, especially when she is dealing with young people. In fact, she has even been able to cultivate patience.

If impatience is her weakness, then her extrovert character, strong personality and outgoing attitude are her strengths. They give her the edge when dealing with potential customers or downlines. Beatrice current network of downlines cover people from different walks of life, ranging from professionals of senior management hierarchy, doctors, to housewives and she even has the account of a local Chinese radio DJ idol under her belt.

The timing of Nu Skin's launch in Singapore is perfect for Beatrice. Her return to Singapore is to share with entrepreneurs and friends, Nu Skin's unfettered opportunity that allows them to build their own successful businesses; enjoy time freedom and achieve their "Dream" in life. Beatrice has always a strong passion to help people, particularly Singaporeans, succeed and enjoy a better life-style with their families and she believes that this can be realized by embarking on Nu Skin business opportunity.

Most Blue diamonds have one thing in common. They try to give back to those around them for contributing to their success and Beatrice is no exception. One of her downlines suffers from a disease called EB. That is why Beatrice is very much motivated to work with the Epoch line as she believes and share Nu Skin's vision that with enough support, they may be able to find a cure for this disease and improve the lives of sufferers.

For Beatrice and her husband, Kim Ong, the Nu Skin experience has been a rewarding one. Although distributors like them spend a large amount of time on this job, with all considerations, they feel that it is all worth it.