Become an Ambassador

Become an Ambassador

A Nourish the Children Ambassador is a person who has not only donated through NTC to nourish starving children but has adopted NTC as a personal cause. They have made a commitment to donate at least four bags of VitaMeal each month personally and have inspired others on their first level (personal, personal customers, and all first level accounts) to donate an additional 12 bags each month (Donations are made on the Automatic Delivery program). After two months of the donations of 16 bags, the distributor becomes an Ambassador.


Ambassadors receive a special pin and are recognized in events, conventions and meetings. They also receive a tribal necklace. In indigenous cultures, the tribal necklace is primarily used to communicate position and accomplishments. A hunter may put the claw or tooth from a kill on a necklace to show others his prowess. Our tribal necklace also shows position and accomplishments within NTC. There is a different necklace for each Ambassador category that is achieved.


We invite you to join them through your commitment to the world's children.


Ambassador 1 Year, Ambassador 2 Year, etc
Each twelve months that a distributor or customer continues to donate as an Ambassador through Nourish the Children is another year of life for the children who receive nourishment. The bowl awarded our 12 Month Ambassadors may seem a simple, unimpressive gift—just a wood bowl. But it symbolizes the 5,760 bowls filled during a year by their love. It is perhaps the greatest symbol we can offer, because this Ambassador has not just fed a child for a day, or a month, but has made a longer, greater commitment to save the life of a child. We hope that those who earn this recognition will display it proudly and reflect often on all the bowls being filled, all the children being nourished, because they care.


12 Month Ambassadors receive a bowl as well as a tribal necklace. For every additional consecutive twelve months an Ambassador contributes, they will receive an additional tribal necklace (24 Month Ambassador, 36 Month Ambassador, etc).


Chief Ambassador
A Chief Ambassador is an Ambassador who has inspired three others in the first level of their organization to also become Ambassadors. These are individuals who are truly committed to nourishing children as demonstrated by their efforts to motivate others to participate. (See your local web site for details)


The Chief Ambassador receives a hand-carved ebony walking stick that was traditionally reserved for the village Chief. The African Walking Stick is a symbol of the Chief. It is made of hand-carved ebony, a very hard wood which has been valued since ancient times. It is symbolic of his great power, influence, and love for his people. He is the one to whom his people can turn and he will help them to find health, safety and a better future. The Chief Stick is awarded to Chief Ambassadors of Nourish the Children to recognize their unselfish commitment to nourishing children around the world. These Ambassadors truly become "Chiefs" by being responsible for nourishing a village (64 people), giving them hope for a better future.


Chief Ambassadors are also awarded a necklace which includes a Chief Mask pendant. This mask pendant represents a celebration of children nourished, a commitment to continue nourishing them, a prayer for "good harvest" through NTC, and a desire for peace in troubled times. As African tribes wearing masks plead for help from their ancestors during times of drought and starvation, it is our Chief Ambassadors who answer those pleas by gathering donations from friends and family. As a "Chief" you are entitled to wear this special mask of honor.


Chief Ambassador 1 Year, Chief Ambassador 2 Year, etc
Ambassadors that have held the Chief Ambassador title for twelve consecutive months earn the 12 Month Chief Ambassador award. Chief Ambassadors who earn this award receive a tribal necklace. For every additional consecutive twelve months that the Chief Ambassador requirements are met a new tribal necklace representing commitment to the Nourish the Children initiative will be awarded. The twelve month levels of Chief Ambassador are currently the highest levels an Ambassador can earn.