Smile Stories


Southeast Asia Children's Heart Fund is a collaborative effort among Nu Skin Southeast Asia markets that aims to improve the lives of children by funding life-saving surgeries of children with congenital heart ailments and giving additional support before and after surgery. Today, this initiaitve has saved more than 6,000 children in the region.


Partnering with KK Women's and Children's Hospital, Nu Skin Singapore has saved 18 children as of today and read on to find out their smile stories.  



Lin Khant Aung, 3 years old


Lim suffered from heart condition as early as 20 days old. He is not able to enjoy playing time as he gets tired after 5-7 minutes and has to squat down to catch his breath. Without the sponsorship, his doctor estimated that he can only live up to 20 years old. After the surgery, he is able to play at KKH playground for close to an hour and does not feel tired at all. He is now an active child who get quality playing time. His parent is very grateful to Nu Skin and KKH for giving their child an opportunity to experience a normal childhood.


Kaung Sat Niang, 1 year 5 months old


When Kaung was 3 days old, his parents noticed that his complexion becomes bluish when he cried. However, it was only when they consulted a doctor when he was 2 months old that they realized he suffered from heart condition. Due to his heart condition Kaung’s complexion is slightly blue and his growth and development tends to be slower as compared to a healthy child. While a healthy baby can turn and roll about when they are 3 to 4 months old, Kaung is not able to. After the surgery, Kaung’s complexion is no longer bluish and appears to be in the pink of health. His mother is very grateful to Nu Skin and KKH for giving his child an opportunity to experience a normal childhood.  


Yu Wadi Shaw, 13 years old


When Yu was still a toddler, her mother noticed that she break out in cold sweat whenever she breastfeed her and that was when she realized that something was amiss. It was when they brought her to consult a doctor at the age of 2 did they realize that she suffered from heart condition. Yu is a sensible girl who is good at studies, but due to her illness, she is deprive of the opportunity to participate in the various physical activities in school, as a result she felt left out and become stressed. Due to her illness and her frequent outpatient visits, Yu has seen many children who have similar illnesses as her. Thus her ambition is to become a doctor, so that she can help these children, especially those who do not have financial resources. After the surgery, Yu will be able to pursue her dream and her mother is really very thankful to Nu Skin and KKH for saving the life of her sensible daughter.  


Yin Kyae Khin, 2 years old


Although Yin’s skin tends to be slightly bluish when she was 10 days old, the thought of her being an unhealthy baby had never came across her mother’s mind. It was only when Yin’s entire body become bluish when she was 6 months old that her mother realized something was amiss. After consulting the doctor, she learned that there is a hole in her daughter’s heart. Yin’s family was deeply saddened by her illness and to make matter worse, her family was worried that they would not be able to afford her medication and surgery fees. But with the assistance provided by Nu Skin and KKH, Yin is able to undergo the necessary treatment and no longer requires long term medication to suppress her heart condition. Yin’s family is extremely grateful and happy that Nu Skin supported her surgery cost. Now Yin can play with her elder sister and lead a healthy life. 


Su Latt Pyae, 4 years old


When Su Latt was 2 months old, her mother noticed that her breathing was abnormal and after being referred to a cardiac specialist, they realized that she was suffering from a heart condition. Su Latt is a cheerful and active girl, but her heart condition frustrates and deters her from having a healthy childhood as she could not play for long period of time. After playing for a while, Su Latt tend to be breathless and her lips will become bluish. When this happens, her mother has to carry and coax her. Su Latt’s mother cannot help but feel worried that Su Latt’s condition might worsen anytime. Thus, she was extremely thankful when she received financial support from the KKH - Nu Skin Children’s Heart Fund which is able to provide her daughter with a new lease of life. After the surgery, Su Latt’s life is transformed. Now she is a healthy child who is able to engage in active activities just like any other children. 


Tin Zar Wai, 5 years old


When Tin was still a toddler, her mother noticed that she was breathing abnormally and after several medical examinations, Tin was diagnosed with a heart condition. Tin’s diseases prevented her from staying outdoor and playing with her elder sister, like what many other children could do. Additionally her condition has also deprived her of the chance to go to school. As TIn’s father is the sole breadwinner with a relatively humble pay, her family was afraid that their inability to pay off Tin’s surgery cost would delay her cardiac treatment. Thus when they learned that KKH – Nu Skin Children’s Heart Fund could assist them to resolve their financial burden, they were overjoy. With the assistance provided by Nu Skin and KKH, Tin has undergone a successful surgery and is now a healthy girl. The first thing her family wish that she can do is to head off to school and to experience a normal childhood. Tin’s family is extremely grateful for all that KKH - Nu Skin Children’s Heart Fund had done for their family. 



Shun Lee Wai, 2 years old


When Shun is 3 months old, her mother noticed that Shun’s heart beat is slightly abnormal. Furthermore, Shun's skin and lips are becoming more bluish day by day. After several medical examinations, Shun was diagnosed with a heart condition. Due to her illness, Shun was not able to play for more than 10 minutes as she tends to get tired very easily. Shun’s illness has greatly affected her family as they are afraid that they might lose her if treatment is not received early. However, they are also worried that they would not be able to afford her medication and surgery fees. Thus Shun’s family is really grateful towards the assistance provided by KKH – Nu Skin Children’s Heart Fund. After the surgery, Shun is in the pink of health and her mother also shared that Shun wants to be a model in when she grow up. Thanks to all who have contributed to KKH – Nu Skin Children’s Heart Fund, Shun is able to experience a normal childhood and fulfil her dream of becoming a model.


Ye Htut Ko Ko, 5 years old


Ko Ko was diagnosed with heart conditions when he was just 1 year old. Back then he was not able to receive surgery due to his medical complications and family’s financial status. For 4 years, Ko Ko has been under medication and was unable to lead a normal childhood. Ko Ko is a playful child, but his condition deprived him of even walking for more than 10 minutes. Thus, he was unable to play with others and often felt lonely. Due to Ko Ko’s conditions, there was never a day that his parents do not blame themselves for not being able to provide more. Thus, when KKH-Nu Skin Children Heart Fund came along to provide the medical expertise and necessary funding to make a difference in Ko Ko’s life, they felt very touched and grateful. After the surgery, the first thing that Ko Ko did was to walk around the hospital’s premises and this is actually the first time in his life that he could walk continuously for more than 10 minutes. Thanks to all who have contributed to KKH-Nu Skin Children’s Heart Fund, Ko Ko’s life has been transformed!



Thu Htet Htoo, 1 year 5 months old


Htet Htoo was diagnosed with heart condition 7 days after he was born and his family was deeply sadden by the news. Due to his conditions Htet Htoo’s growth and development was also slower as compared to others. Even at the age of 1, he was still unable to crawl. Htet Htoo’s illness has also made his parents very guilty towards him as they do not have the financial capability to send him for the required treatment and that he is the only one in the family with such conditions. Thus, when Htet Htoo’s family learnt that KKH- Nu Skin Children’s Heart Fund is able to provide the necessary support for his surgery, they were elated and extremely thankful. After the surgery, Htet Htoo is no longer the sickly child that he used to be. His family is also very grateful for all that KKH-Nu Skin Children’s Heart Fund had done for them and they sincerely hope that many more like Htet Htoo can be as saved as well. Thanks to all who have contributed to KKH-Nu Skin Children’s Heart Fund, Htet Htoo is able to lead a normal childhood.



Yin Nyein Phwe, 3 years old


When Yin was 2 months old, she had difficulty breathing and her complexion tends to be blue when she cried. After consulting a doctor, her family was being informed that Yin has heart conditions and would only have a life span of 10-15 years if she does not undergo the necessary surgery. Due to her condition, Yin could barely walk without feeling breathless and thus often cried for her mother to carry her. This has brought a lot of stress to the family as there must always be someone by her side. Due to their financial situation, Yin’s family was in a dilemma raising the necessary fund required for the surgery. However, with the assistance of Nu Skin and KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Yin was able to undergo the surgery and is now an active and playful like any normal child of her age. Yin’s family is extremely grateful to the KKH - Nu Skin Children’s Heart Fund as it has given Yin a second chance at life and reshaped her future.