Gavin Sim & Doris Lim

Gavin Sim & Doris Lim

Circle Of Excellence I & 6 Year Presidential Director

“Always cherish every opportunity where you can help someone and keep your dreams alive every minute of every day.”

Coming from a humble background, Gavin who is a Certified Public Accountant worked as an auditor with an accounting firm before joining one of the big four accounting titans as a Regional Finance Manager.  Through conscientious hard work, Gavin carved out a rewarding career path with the multinational corporation and was financially well-off. However, when he was introduced to Nu Skin in 2007, his courage to dream was awakened.



For one-and-a-half years, Gavin and his wife, Doris, took on the Nu Skin opportunity as part-time distributors before finally quitting their lucrative jobs to go full-time in the business, a decision that has borne fruits beyond their wildest dreams. Having earned their first million with Nu Skin, the couple no longer needs to worry about financial issues and have the freedom to do whatever they please.



“This shouldn’t be the focus of our success story but yes, we are enjoying our lifestyle very much now because we can take our parents on holidays any time we want and don’t have to worry about applying leave or making it back in time. We also no longer need to look at the prices of restaurants before deciding to step in for a meal,” Gavin shared while reminding that financial prudence is still practiced in the family despite their newfound wealth with Nu Skin.



The husband-and-wife team used to worry about finances like everyone else but now that they are relatively well-off, chasing riches cease to be their focus. “When you are no longer after money, you really start to live for yourself and others. That’s the true beauty of Nu Skin and not just how beautiful the products make us look!” Doris said jokingly. “In this business, when you help people get what they want, you will in turn fulfill your dreams. Nu Skin has given us more than just financial flexibility, but also the great lessons in life. Through the Force For Good culture and spirit, we’ve grown to be better citizens of humanity and are able to connect with people better.”


The couple hopes that by making it as Circle of Excellence I, they can be a testimony to the power of Nu Skin to change lives. “Our success is sort of a report card to show our friends so that they can see what Nu Skin has done for us. We want them to know that they can transform their lives too and together, we can make life better for many more people around us!”



For helping them achieve this milestone in their Nu Skin career, Gavin and Doris would like to thank Circle of Excellence I, Kho Lee Ling; Circle of Excellence I, Mr Chua and Emily; Circle of Excellence I, Mr and Mrs Yap; Circle of Excellence III, Lillian Ong; Circle of Excellence I, Nicholas and Kok Hong; Circle of Excellence III, Ong Gee and Jenny; Circle of Excellence IV, Rayne Ho and Angela Liew; and all their business partners.



Not all Brand Affiliates succeed or make money.  Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and commitment.  For more information about the Sales Performance Plan of Nu Skin, please contact Nu Skin office at your home market.