Dominic Tan & Yvonne Ng

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Dominic Tan & Yvonne Ng

Circle Of Excellence I & 2 Year Presidential Director

“Life is a journey, not a destiny. If you dare to dream,
you can turn it into a reality.”

When Dominic and Yvonne ventured into the Nu Skin business opportunity, they were motivated by cutting the distance that strained their family life. An ex-Business Manager for a chemical company, Dominic was working in Singapore while Yvonne answered her call of duties as a Chief Financial Officer in Shanghai. Living apart was emotionally draining but the couple willingly put up with it for the sake of the high income they earned. They hoped that their sacrifice would lead to a happier life for their family in the future. But why be happy much later when you can have a shot at happiness now?


Resistant at first to the idea of direct selling, Dominic had a change of mind when he witnessed how Nu Skin’s TR90 system helped managed the weight of his daughter. After much research into the company and industry, Dominic’s skepticism was further dissolved by the immense potential of this proven business opportunity. Over the next five-and-a-half years, Dominic and Yvonne carved out a successful path in Nu Skin that saw their rapid qualification for various pin titles, including their recognition as Million Dollar Circle members. However, to them, their latest recognition is really just the beginning of their quest to help more people.


“Nu Skin is like a marathon. We treat the qualification for the various pin titles as warm up and training for the main event. Million Dollar Circle marks the start of the right track that we want to head towards,” Yvonne shared. The couple counts not their million-dollar earnings as their greatest achievement in this business but the lives they have transformed along the way as their pride.


Constantly keeping abreast of the times, the husband-and-wife team feels that social media is an effective channel to connect with a wider audience when offering solutions. “My generation, we are conservative,” Dominic reflected. “But with social media today, people share what’s happening and that gives us an insight into the occurences that mattered to them. Likewise, we also opened up and share our lifestyle. With Nu Skin, we find that we can be genuine and have the liberty to be ourselves in the things we share. In the corporate world, sometimes we have to wear masks but here, we have the confidence to let our true colours show!”


For their achievements, Dominic and Yvonne would like to take this opportunity to thank their sponsor Million Dollar Circle Members, Derrick Tia and Frann Ng; and all their mentors and uplines – 20 Million Dollar Circle Members, Angela Liew and Rayne Ho; 5 Million Dollar Circle Members, Nicholas Yeo and Gan Kok Hong; 10 Million Dollar Circle Members, Chua and Emily; 10 Million Dollar Circle Member, Lilian Ong; 10 Million Dollar Circle Members, Ong Gee and Jenny Ding; and 5 Million Dollar Circle Members, Mr & Mrs Yap, for their patience, guidance and love. They also want to thank all their downlines and sidelines for the care and trust! #FreedomInLife #LivingItReal


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