Tee Poh Chyi & Tan Hui Syee

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Circle Of Excellence I & Executive Brand Director

“Never, never give up.”

If the “can do” spirit is to find a personification, it will take the form of Nu Skin Enterprises Blue Diamond Executives Tee Poh Chyi and Tan Hui Syee. Unflinching in their pursuit of success in the Nu Skin business, this husband-and-wife team was so determined to reach the top that Hui Syee continued to see prospects and customers throughout two of her pregnancies.


With four children ranging from one-and-a-half to seven years of age, their kids are the very reasons the couple work so hard. “We are fighting for our children and our parents. When we started the business in 2008, they are our motivation.” Poh Chyi said. They were part-time Nu Skin distributors then while holding on to day jobs. Poh Chyi was an Assistant Engineer while Hui Syee was a Human Resource Executive.


“It’s important to know one’s reason to be in the Nu Skin business and keep believing in yourself you can achieve those goals. Then all challenges and problems can be converted into driving forces in the business that help not just yourself, but others along the way,” Hui Syee shared. That positive mindset definitely paid off. Today, the doting parents are full-time Nu Skin business builders who can be there for their children anytime they are needed without the need to apply leave. They are also able to send their older kids to private schools.


“We have this ‘die, die must do it’ attitude. That helped us to focus on our dreams rather than obstacles. We don’t like to socialize and do sales because we don’t like to be seen as trying to earn other people’s money,” Poh Chyi shared about the initial personal barriers they had to ovecome. “We were afraid of rejections, but we changed because we want to be successful for the people we love. And it’s a change for the better!”


For helping them through the challenging transition period, the new leaders would like to thank all their uplines and sidelines. They believe that if an ordinary couple like them can succeed anyone who joins the Nu Skin business can too. Being Blue Diamond Executives, Poh Chyi and Hui Syee see themselves as having a greater mission to help more people attain the fruits of success they are enjoying!