Patricia Wong & Keith Liu

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Patricia Wong & Keith Liu

“No matter what the obstacles, focus on the goal.”

Patricia Wong & Keith Liu

If you miss the mark in your first attempt at success, do you raise the white flag, stay where you are and lick your wounds? Yes, we do succumb to failure, sometimes. But Patricia Wong is a shining example of those other times when we choose to move forward and persevere.

With the support of her husband Keith, Patricia decided to put aside her career as Director of Corporation Communications to devote full-time care to her first child. “It was not that easy since I had always been in the work force after I graduated from university. Thankfully, the Nu Skin Enterprises business gives me the flexibility to be home with my three children when they need me, and at the same time provides me with a meaningful job. The work-life balance is completely in my control,” Patricia quipped about the best feature of this business, apart from the life-changing efficacies of Nu Skin and Pharmanex products that drew her into the opportunity in the first place.

Patricia is thrilled that she is able to make a difference in people's lives through the business and finds her greatest rewards in these changes. However, her climb to Blue Diamond Executive had not been a smooth ascension. “This is my second attempt to obtain the title. During my first attempt, I missed my targets towards the very end. I took some time off to deal with my disappointment. It was very difficult for me to get out of that rut and back into the business,” disclosed the Malaysian who grew up in Singapore. Thankfully, Patricia was able to pick herself up after six months and realized her goal.

“The short break helped in the sense that it gave me new perspective. We all lose our motivation now and again. But that doesn't mean we have to waste days or even weeks waiting for it to come back so we can get on with things. Nothing comes without hard work, and like all other businesses, you need to work consistently and positively towards your stated objectives and goals. There are many things that can come between you and your goals during this initial phase because you're new in the business, and because expectations may be high. Through this period, I learned what I would call the four P's — Perseverance, Patience, Pride (in what I do) and Planning.”

For being able to move onwards and upwards, accomplishing what she needed to do, Patricia would like to thank her family who supported her throughout; her direct upline, Blue Diamond Executive Karen Kwok, who introduced her to Nu Skin Enterprises and helped build her foundation; all the uplines and downlines in her network for their patience and hard work; the staff of Nu Skin Enterprises Singapore; and God for His guiding light.