Oh Li Yen & Gaw Hwee Hoe

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Oh Li Yen & Gaw Hwee Hoe

“As long as you can think it, you can achieve it.”

Oh Li Yen & Gaw Hwee Hoe

Taking on the Nu Skin business opportunity in April 2011, Li Yen and Hwee Hoe’s rise into the ranks of being Blue Diamond Executives is nothing short of meteoric. Within less than a year in the business, the husband-and-wife team went from that of newbies in the network marketing arena to a position of leadership in Nu Skin Enterprises Singapore. And their method to success is surprisingly unsophisticated.


“We do not have any special strategies or plans,” Li Yen exclaimed, while at the same time apologizing for a lack of any success secrets to share. “We are ordinary people, our approach in this business is very direct. We simply believed in the company, the products, the business model, and worked hard, persevered, and kept things simple,” added Li Yen, a housewife who helps out at her family’s vegetable stall at the market on weekends while Hwee Hoe used to be a fishmonger. They’re both building their Nu Skin business full-time now.


Their foray into Nu Skin began when one of Li Yen’s customers, Jessica, starting buying less vegetables from her. Curious, Li Yen queried if the drop in purchases was due to bad service from her. That’s when Li Yen learnt that Jessica’s daughter was on the TRA Program, lost weight and was therefore eating less. Li Yen decided to try the product and as the saying goes, the rest is history.


Amazed by the product’s efficacies, Li Yen and Hwee Hoe began sharing it with the hawkers and stallholders in their market, one person at a time. Step by step, their network began to grow and they started realizing the true potential of the business. Hwee Hoe puts it this way, “Running a traditional hawking business like we did, the moment we stop working, our income stops too. With Nu Skin, we are building a lifelong income because we can leverage on the sales activities of the network rather than our sole efforts.”


Li Yen and Hwee Hoe are very glad Nu Skin found them and would like to specially thank Jessica for introducing them to the company. Their lives have changed dramatically because of Nu Skin. They would also like to thank Blue Diamond Executives, Yin Siew Ling and Peng Chieh; Blue Diamond Executives, Lee Keem Shiong and Loh Fong Yee; and Million Dollar Circle member, Lillian Ong, for their guidance and support.