Cynthia How & Collin Lim

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Cynthia How & Collin Lim

“The ABCD of success is Action, Belief, Commitment, and Desire.”

Cynthia How & Collin Lim

An accountant for more than 20 years, Cynthia arrived at a career crossroad in 2010…does she want to carry on being an accountant for the next 20 years, or should she make a change? She decided it was time to change but she knew not what to do or where to go. Then a chance meeting with a monk changed her life. The monk turned out to be Team Elite Member, Raymond Chia, who was on a six-month ‘sabbatical’ into monkhood.


Battling a chronic spinal condition that required regular physiotherapy due to a weight problem, Cynthia had tried various ways and methods to slim down for a long time. Knowing her condition, Raymond introduced TRA to the frustrated dieter. Within the first three months of using TRA, Cynthia lost 5kg. “Now, I’m 10kg lighter than I used to be. I feel healthier and no longer needed physiotherapy,” Cynthia shared with glee.


Her successful weight loss prompted her to find out more about the Nu Skin business as she was intrigued by Raymond’s freedom to pursue what he wants to do yet get a steady monthly income stream. But when she realised the business has to do with direct selling, Cynthia became apprehensive. She never took a shining to the idea of direct selling and had zero experience with the multi-level marketing industry. The other major reason was also that she can’t bear to desert her Degree in Accountancy, a qualification that she spent eight years to obtain.


“I was headhunted to join the reputable medical devices company I worked for. There was a lot of risks for me to leave it all behind and go into something totally new. Thankfully, Raymond’s wife, Wendy, enlightened me. They were very patient in following up with me so that I truly understood the business’ nature. I feel that although every profession will have its own breed of successful people, my question is, are these successful people happy? With Nu Skin, I can be both! It allows an ordinary person like me to lead an extraordinary life!”


Today, Cynthia has within her grasp success, wealth and health. She is very thankful to Team Elite, Raymond Chia and Wendy Kea; 5 Million Dollar Circle Member, Ong Gee and Jenny Ding; 20 Million Dollar Circle Member, Rayne Ho and Angela Liew; and all business partners for their help and support. Through continual growth and learning, Cynthia has acquired the skills and know-how of the business and looks forward to help more people find their path at the crossroads of success!