Bert Quek & Jacqueline Low

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Bert Quek & Jacqueline Low

“Work on yourself and then help others to be successful, one person at a time.”

Bert Quek & Jacqueline Low

Sometimes in life, it takes a misfortune to unlock a greater fortune far beyond what the riches in this world can satisfy.  An ex-businessman for the past 30 years, Blue Diamond Executive, Bert, was too busy to explore Multi-Level Marketing as an alternative business. However, a medical condition with no known cure brought him to Nu Skin and as cliché goes, the rest is history.


At age 53, Bert is today a happier and healthier person with a purpose filled life. Joining the Nu Skin business in May 2009 with his business partner Jacqueline, 47, they experienced an amazing transformation brought on by the business and have since worked tirelessly to help more people attained positive, holistic change.


Jacqueline who immediately resigned from her job to come into Nu Skin full-time after experiencing the benefits of Nu Skin and Pharmanex products recognized the potential of this business after attending the US Convention and understanding the Force For Good culture of the company. “I realised that this is the best platform to achieve total freedom. Nu Skin allows us to create a business asset that generates long term passive income on a sustainable basis and also empower us to help many others as well.”


They truly believe that everyone, regardless of background, can find success in Nu Skin and realize a lifestyle of freedom that others can only dream of. “Success is truly simple in this business. Choose to believe you will succeed and be determined to stay the course in top F.O.R.M. - Focus on goals, Openness and be positive, Relevance in the business through constant alignment with upline leaders, and stay Motivated by attending meetings.” In addition, Bert and Jacqueline’s equation for success is based on seven keywords of Highly Effective and Successful People – “Be Healthy, Help Five Friends Be Healthy.”


Feeling a deep sense of gratitude, empowerment and achievement in attaining the Blue Diamond status, the duo view themselves as ‘servant leaders’ who seeks to serve through inspiration. They hope to help more people achieve the financial and time freedom they are enjoying through a leadership that is founded on patience and dexterity. “We have experienced tremendous personal growth, great health and happiness through this platform. Our heartfelt thanks to the founders for their vision and all the leaders for their contribution in making Nu Skin the global success it is today!”